6 Best Karwa Chauth Gifts That Will Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

Karwa Chauth Gifts

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The festival of Karwa Chauth holds a major significance in every married couple’s life. According to the Karwa Chauth rituals, the wife fasts for her husband’s long life without having food or water till the moonrise. The husband in return give gifts to his wife and breaks her fast by feeding her food. But, nowadays even non-married couples have started celebrating this festival of love. Yes, today girlfriends also fast for their boyfriends on Karwa Chauth. So, if your girlfriend is one of them who keeps the Karwa Chauth fast for you then, it means that she can’t wait to get married to you. Therefore, it’s time for you to express your love for her with a meaningful Karwa Chauth gift. But, as you know buying a Karwa Chauth gift for your girlfriend can be tricky, this article suggests you a list of seven best Karwa Chauth gifts that your girlfriend will surely love:

Spa Essentials

You know your girlfriend will keep the Karwa Chauth fast for you happily even if she has to go through a lot of stress. But, as a loving boyfriend, it becomes your duty to ensure her some moments of relaxation. So, gift her a soothing spa kit and help her detox herself after a daylong fast.

Beauty Hamper

Although your expressions are enough to convey your feelings for your girlfriend, a meaningful gift can help you express the unsaid. So, gift your girlfriend a branded beauty hamper on Karwa Chauth which is sure to show that how much you know her and care about her interests.

A Box Of Chocolates

Since your girlfriend will start the Karwa Chauth fast from the sunrise till the moonrise, she might end up really exhausted. To brighten up her mood, you can gift her a box of delicious chocolates. Chocolates will instantly uplift your girlfriend’s mood and put a smile on her face.


Accessories make great gifts for both girls and boys. So, if you want to gift your girlfriend something that she can wear or use then, you should go with accessories. You can either gift her a pair of sunglasses or earrings or a handbag or scarf etc.

A Romantic Dinner

By the time when your girlfriend will open her Karwa Chauth fast, she will be really hungry. So, why don’t you plan a romantic dinner for her to make the occasion more memorable? Either you can prepare the food for her on your own or take her to a romantic dinner.

Travel Voucher

Buy your girlfriend a travel voucher or a ticket to her favorite destination. She will definitely love this gift. You can also book your ticket along with her and go on a romantic vacation with her or else you can just gift her a travel voucher valid for at least two people so that she can take her best friend along with her.

So, make sure to win your girlfriend’s heart with these amazing Karwa Chauth gift ideas for her.

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