8 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts that Couple can give Each Other

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It is the middle day of the shortest month of the year that we celebrate the larger than life event of love. People send gifts to each other on this day to expose their love for each other. But, there are certain gift codes that vary according to the binaries of sex. Here are some meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts that couples can gift each other.

1) Gifts for Her: She is the love of your life. In the Dothraki language, she is your moon. Here are some amazing gifts that can impress her on this day of love.

a) Custom Chocolate Products

Chocolate is the guilty pleasure for all the girls around the world. No matter what her age counts, she will always welcome a chocolate bar with the widest smile. Everyone has their favorite flavors of chocolate. It can fruit flavor or raisin and nuts flavor. Some are even fond of the dark cocoa flavor as well. There are women who prefer white chocolate. You are the best person to know your woman and her choice of chocolate. As chocolate reflects the passionate love, Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts will surprise her like anything.

b) Heart Shaped Hand Fans

Anything that contains heart is closest to the women. It becomes more special when such heart is gift from her spouse. On this Valentine’s Day, gift something unique with heart. Most of the countries celebrate Valentine’s Day in almost summer. So, a hand fan is very essential for keeping self cool and calm. This is the perfect gift for your love to be with her all the time. A heart shaped hand fan will be an exclusive choice of present for her on this universal day of love.

c) Bath Products/ Spa Gift Basket

Women are the warriors and superheroes without the drape in the real life. They take care of everyone except herself. On this Valentine’s Day, tell your woman that she needs to take care of herself as well. You can buy spa products for her and also arrange a home session of spa from her favorite spa parlor. Or, you can get a Valentine’s Day special coupon for her from her favorite spa station and gift that to her. She will feel so emotional to see your care ad effort for her.

2) Gifts for Him: He is the one person who is always there for you whenever you need them. Though they do not demand anything, but they deserve such Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

a) Six-Pack Greeting Card

If he is one of those emotional person who values every little bit things in love, cards is the best gift for him. Archie’s and many other brands make unique cards for this occasion of love. You know the kind of colors and prints of cards he prefers. Pick one of those of his favorite and make sure the year of togetherness is mention. The best time to send Valentine’s Day present to him is the gift with his morning tea or coffee.

b) Leather Hide & Seek Wallet

There are not much gifts that are suitable for men. But the ones that are there are the classiest ones. One of such gift is the leather wallet. A leather wallet has a beautiful charm that reflects the dignity of the person and his choice. A man carrying a hide and seek wallet is the cause of envy to every woman. Send your love one such wallet on this Valentine’s Day and make all other women wish to have a man like him.

c) Wine Gift Basket



Wine is an exotic and classy gift for the man. Your man might be a very responsible man who spends many hours in the office. So, when he comes back, it is your duty to surprise and comfort him. Gifting him one of his favorite brands of wine with all other wines in the basket will make him swoon over you. He will love your effort and will appreciate your gift by drinking with you only.

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated every day for those who are truly in love with each other. Above are the perfect memento gifts for him and her to gift on this occasion of love.


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