9 UK Visa Refusal Reasons And How To Avoid Them

Avoid UK Visa Refusal Funds

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Refusal of the visa application can be a confusing and frustrating experience, and it can upset the applicants thoroughly.  Most of the time people feel that the reasons for the refusal are rather biased, and tend to take the matter as a personal offense. However, the truth is that it is one of those incidents that occur regularly, but the only thing is that it affects the applicants in different ways as the purpose of the trip is different as well.  A majority of the visa applications face rejection due to the stringent screening process or the scrutiny that is held in the processing of the visa. Thousands of visa applications are submitted every year in the United Kingdom immigration services but not all of them meet the visa requirements to visit the UK.


The visa applicants have to ensure that they are eligible and meet the visa requirements. They must also provide the documents necessary to get a clearance from the UK visa immigration service without any hindrances. Once you face a refusal, the record stays permanently in the Home Office and the issue is going to emerge again when you apply for the visa for the second time. You have to go through the visa application thoroughly to understand the loopholes that exist in it and it should help you to prepare an application that rules out the chances of rejection from different angles.


The following are some of the reasons that you may face rejection when you apply for UK visa from India.

Not supplying the correct documents


One of the most important things that result in rejection from the Department of United Kingdom visas and immigration is not supplying the right documents. The documentary evidence is likely to differ for different visas, so you have to ensure that the ones you have provided meet the requirements laid down by the immigration department. Try to stay away from hearsay when you apply for a visa.

Improper itinerary


The UK is small as a country and with a UK visitor visa from India, you may only need a few days to explore the country. If your itinerary is long, it may create suspicion in the mind of the immigration authorities. When it appears to the immigration officials that you are trying to go to the country to live and work there, you may face rejection. Try to keep your itinerary for about seven to ten days when you want to visit the country. Finally, you must have enough funds to fulfill your needs as long as you stay in the country.

Missing evidence and wrong advice


Whether it is immigration to the UK or otherwise, the application for visa appears rather simple or at least the way in which the information is depicted on the website of Home Office makes it appears easy.  However, the guidelines present there include generalized information and most of it does not go into details. The truth is that even if you miss a single official document, you may face refusal of visa. Mistakes in the insertion of date can also result in visa rejection.


One of the commonest mistakes that people make when applying for a visa to the immigration services the UK is to choose an incompetent adviser. If your adviser lacks the potential to guide you through the laws of immigration in the UK, you may face failure to obtain a visa. Even if they have good knowledge of immigration laws in general, it is essential to have specific knowledge of UK visa as it is one of the most challenging places in terms of obtaining a visa, so try to get hold of a good advisor.

Leave approval letter


When you seek immigration to the UK from India, you need to get a leave approval letter from your employer, and it can strengthen your chances of obtaining a visa. The letter proves that you have a relationship relation with your home country and have accountability to return to your country after making a trip to the United Kingdom. The letter must mention clearly that your employer has granted you leave to make a trip to the UK and you are bound to return to your job after the vacation. Furthermore, the letter is to be printed on the letterhead of the company and must include the signature of your HR. If you cannot obtain the approval letter, your employer must mention the details of the leave on the employment letter.

No salary deposits


When you apply for UK business visa from India, you must provide the bank statement that reflects your monthly salary. You must ensure that your employer deposits the salary directly into your bank account.

Big and undocumented deposits


Whether it is visa to India from the UK or the other way round, presence of a large amount of money in your bank account shows that you may have borrowed money from undisclosed sources to enhance the figures. Quite naturally, the visa officers are not going to be convinced with those funds and reject your application.

Exhausting the savings


When the total cost of the trip to the UK exceeds half of your savings or the monthly salary, you may also face rejection of visa.

No history of travel


Without a proper history or record of travel, the visa officials think of you as an illegal immigrant, so you need to build a travel history at first.

Not including a cover letter


The visa application for the UK may not require all the details you may want to convey. Using a proper cover letter to include the information is the right way, but make sure it does not exceed more than one page or your application may be rejected.


Following the rules of visa application is one of the best ways to make sure you do not face rejection and hindrances when visiting the country.


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