A Comparison of the Two Major Cities – Mumbai and Bangalore

Often we hear people arguing about which is a better city and the argument gets so heated at times it gets dragged down so low and people start arguing over trivial matters. The best way to get an unbiased comparison is when you visit the place yourself and based your judgement upon your experience. This article talks about some grounds you can base your judgements on.

Mumbai and Bangalore are two very different cities. New Delhi has a little bit of both Bangalore and Mumbai feel to it but the two cities in question here are in no way similar. A person from Mumbai will either love Bangalore or hate it and same goes for the other way round. Take a trip to the two cities and gather your own assessment around the two cities and make your call on which city is better.

Love Story

Visit Mumbai first and further head down south to Bangalore. Book a ticket for the Mumbai to Bangalore flights in advance so that you can perfectly plan your trip for the two cities and set out enough time for a thorough stay in both. Mentioned below are some of the grounds on which you can make your assessment upon.

The Climate

The first thing you notice and feel about any destination before you set into the sightseeing and exploring business. Bangalore’s climate beats Mumbai’s ass easily in any season in this category. Mumbai experiences a scorching hot summer and a warm winter whilst Bangalore remains pleasant whole throughout the year.

The Food

Foodie or not, food is one of the main highlights of any trip anywhere around the world. While Bangalore has its own share of street foods and various moderately priced restaurants, local food chains and the most exquisite fine dining restaurants, Mumbai has the upper hand in the food department. Its street food laid the foundation for the popular street foods we love and know of today. Its dhabas and fine dining restaurants are amongst some of the best in the whole country.

Places to visit in and around the city

Mumbai is a concrete jungle and it does not really have a lot to brag about in the department of sightseeing for historical sights, and while it also has some good places nearby for a great weekend getaway in the beautiful hill stations of Maharashtra, Bangalore takes the lead in this section. With a good assortment of historical sights, botanical gardens and parks, the city is great for sightseeing and has ample nearby options for a great weekend getaway not only in the state of Karnataka but Tamil Nadu and Kerala as well.


On nightlife, no cities in India come close to Mumbai in any terms. WHile other major cities club and party scenes are also pretty sick, there is still so much more they can learn from Mumbai. Mumbai wins by a long mile hands down in this department without any arguments!

So there you have it, the basic and unbiased comparisons of the two cities. Book a ticket for the Mumbai to Bangalore flights and compare for yourself on which city is better and which one of the two you would most likely visit in the foreseeable future.

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