Abstract Expressionism

It is a form of art movement that emerged during post–World War II majorly in in American painting in New York during the year 1940. This was the first American movement that explicitly gained momentum and globally impacted thereby putting New York City in the limelight.

Different forms of artwork created by the Abstract Expressionists oppose explanation as a unified panache; instead, these artists had communal interest in making use of abstraction to express resilient emotional or sensitive content. Later on, these artists drifted away from European ethnicities of painting to form a manifestly American style of art, which both accredited and confronted the supremacy of early 20th century key persons, including Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Vasily Kandinsky.

Abstract Expressionism is best looked upon for far-reaching paintings that break free from customary practices, time and again taking the canvas off of the frame and using unusual materials including house paint.