Appetti – Your Friendly Guide with an Appetite

A new player has arrived in the Foodie world called Appetti ( Appetti is a mobile platform built as a one-stop place for partygoers, drinkers, travellers and foodies who want quality data.

The history:

First as, Asia Happy Hour, it went live nearly 2 years ago, giving many Asian cities a top quality guide fod outlets for food and beverages. Now undergoing a total image change.

No App?

Users want Frequent daily use from Apps on their smart phones, like FaceBook, or Whatsapp. Apps use device memory, which could be better used, for music or pictures.
Appetti’s mobile site works just as an App does, it can track your location and allow you to find local drinking holes and eateries. It directs you using GPS.

Searching on Appetti:

Appetti has a search engine which is super easy on Mobile and Website built in. Enter your search and find it. Also it auto-suggests, like when Google searches. On mobile, searches are returned based on distance. There are many other

filters like:

  • Standard (pricing guide)
  • District
  • Food type
  • Venue type
  • Outdoor / Rooftop
  • Offers
  • Smoking area

The list is nearly endless, the map feature will show you venues near you based on your filtering request. Get Google Maps to show your route for you. Very useful when bar hopping!

Great offers too:

There are some great offers to be found too, from their many venues, drinks to brunches, deals of the season, drink and lunch or dinner deals. All are shown based on your actual physical location or can be searched by filtering or direct search.

Drink Happy Hours:

Going for a quick drink with friends and want low price beers? Search for happy hour deals that fit your plans. Try some Happy Hour hopping, try a new one when the one you are in finishes.

Appettie Only has High-Quality listings:

Appetti has top quality listings. The venues Manage their own entries themselves; Appetti staff then quality check them all. Some other food directory platforms don’t do that!
Find you the best restaurants on Appetti:

Asian cities can be quite daunting, Appetti can unravel for you pre-planning or organizing you on the go.
Perhaps you are looking for the best venues where you are travelling to? Appetti will decode the equation and get you what you want at the right time and in the right place.
What’s happening next Appetti?

After recently receiving futher investment, Appetti is developing new features further improving the experience. These exciting products are scheduled for release in June / July 2017.

Such features will include:

  • Users Login facility
  • Telephone reservation rewards, a facility for Merchants to give Users incentives for booking by telephone! Users will save bucks and venues can protect their margin from eroding when using booking sites.
  • Uploading images to, being shared on a venue page and in the User profile. Users will be able to share their dining and drinking experiences with the venues they visit. Other browsers will see real experiences from other Users.
  • Appettie Users will be allowed to contact Merchants directly for feedback, good, bad or just average. Appetti doesn’t plan to enter the public reviews arena. Since they offer loyalty and support for Merchants,entering the public review market would not be their intent.
  • And last but not least the review portal. A score will be given to the venue based on ratings of venues or their promotions. This will reflect how their entry will be returned in search results.

Appetti is currently available in the English language only.