Be a Public Policy Analyst for a Great Career

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Public policies are those special policies which are enacted by the government to address issues, concerns and matters associated with the general public. Public policies are made at the city, state and central levels. The process of making a policy include steps such as-

  • Problem identification

  • Policy formulation

  • Policy adoption

  • Policy implementation

  • Finally policy evaluation.

There are a large number of problems which are addressed through these policies, and the problems include basic and higher education, foreign policy, public health, social welfare and also crime. As part of the strategic process to properly implement a policy, an unfailing agenda is set in which important government officials meet together to discuss the problems and issues which need to be addressed. At the next stage, these officials come up with the most optimal plan while considering many feasible and alternative solutions.

If you are also willing to shape the future, to bring about a change in the matters which you think are not being properly run, then a career in public policy and governance in India might be an excellent choice for you. Government agencies which hire public policy graduates includes-

  • National Aeronautics

  • The Food and Drug Administration

  • Conservation companies

  • Federal agencies

  • Various Ministries

The following courses can help you grab better positions-

  • Master in International Affairs

  • Master in Public Policy

  • Double Master Degree in Public Policy & European Affairs

  • Master in Public Administrations

  • Master in Public Management

  • Master in Public Administrations & Management

  • PhD in Public Policy

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

The Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) is one of the most reputed public policy colleges in India. It aims at promoting research while facilitating comprehensive understanding of issues and problems relating to governance and public policy in the country. JSGP intends to promote inter-disciplinary studies and joint teaching and research programmes in partnership with the schools of law, business and international affairs, Liberal Arts & Humanities.

Distinctive Features of JSGP at Glance

  • Curriculum of international standard

  • Exposure to the latest research trends

  • Strong emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research skills

  • Research-active and internationally trained faculty

  • International student and faculty exchange programmes

  • Globally networked career development and placement division

The MA Public Policy (MPP) programme at O.P. Jindal Global University opens avenues to the exciting and challenging world of public life. Students are well-equipped to serve all policy sectors, and perform their duties in international organizations, civil services bodies, social and development initiatives of different corporations, and in think-tanks. They also obtain knowledge and skills-sets required for working as policy makers and independent consultants for both government and non-governmental organisations.


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