Best 5 International Schools in Gurgaon for Word Class Education

Best International School in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has emerged as the hub for quality education. The city has evolved according to the needs of the people living here. With outstanding facilities and the top most lifestyle, people also desire to give their children the best education possible head to Gurgaon. In order to meet the expectations of the people, Gurgaon has come up with schools that provide the best quality education, comfort and facilities to the students. Below is the list of 5 best international schools in Gurgaon.

  1. SCJ World Academy

With 20 acres of wide spread campus, SCJ World Academy has created a niche in the schooling industry and has been considered as one of the top internationals schools in Gurgaon. They make sure that the learning for the students is not restricted only to the walls of the classroom but they are also provided hands on experience in various subject labs like Physics, Biology, and Chemistry etc. They also have impressive indoor and outdoor sports facilities, visual art centre, libraries, pottery labs etc. The school provides a very friendly environment for the students and offers a careful blend of curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

  1. G.D Goenka World School

One of the top names in terms of International Schools that provide a wide range of facilities is G.D Goenka World School. Apart from the great academics provided here, the school provides the students with facilities like the convenient store with a wide range of goods, ranging from personal care to electronic goods and many more. The school also provides facilities like Gym, Steam and Sauna, Labs, Salon, Sports, Medical care and so on.

  1. Scottish High School

Scottish High School spread over 5 acres of land is a prestigious name in the schooling world. The campus is built in the midst of beautiful landscape and eco-friendly plantations helping students to inculcate love and compassion towards nature. The school provides IB diploma, A/AS Level and ISC affiliation for XI/XII graders and ICSC and IGCSE for IX/X grades. The school campus is equipped with Wi-fi connections and students have access to the campus-wide network.

  1. Lancer’s International School

Located in DLF phase V, Sec 53, Gurgaon, Lancer’s International School is one of the best known international schools in Delhi NCR. It is beautifully developed over 5.6 acres of land providing specially designed classes. Each class has 20-25 students ensuring fair amount of mentoring from their teachers. The school promotes the concept of out of the book learning and for this, it has equipped each class with internet connectivity.

  1. Shiv Nadar School

Shiv Nadar School is yet another best international school in Gurgaon. It not only facilitates students to acquire good education but also facilitates their parents to contribute to their child’s schooling through developing a parent partnership programme. Parents can help their children in their studies through active participation in committees and feedback that aid in their overall development.

These were the top 5 international schools in Gurgaon. However, be smart while choosing the top school for your child as it will have a high impact on their career and future.