Best CBSE school in Mumbai

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Why should schools have a perfect campus?


The condition of schools directly impacts the performance of students and keeping this in mind, almost all best CBSE schools in Mumbai have perfect campuses. The location of schools has significance, and thus it should be set up in a suitable and perfect environment. The school should be far from noises as well as polluting the atmosphere and should be an ideal place where children can easily absorb what is taught in school. The ambience of schools should be calm, should be spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually attractive landscape. Every school should have useful facilities like toilets, libraries, sinks, playgrounds, work areas, multipurpose rooms, lockers, administration, and above all, enough lighting. Schools must invest a good amount of infrastructure as it affects the educational quality in many ways. The physical conditions of school buildings positively affect school completion, along with the interest of the students. Good infrastructure also had a positive effect on reducing absenteeism.

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 Things to keep in mind before selecting a school for your children

There are many things that you should keep in mind before choosing the best CBSE school in Mumbai for your child. Below we have listed some key elements that comprise of school’s infrastructure:

  1. School building

School buildings should be well planned and spacious enough with good architectural features. School classrooms should be well ventilated and should have all types of facilities, including lights, fans, chairs, benches, backboard, and benches. There are many more facilities that every school should have and which parents should consider, like art and crafts workshops, laboratories, school offices, multimedia room, theatre and many more. 

2. Classrooms

Classrooms are the backbone of schools, and every best CBSe school in Mumbai has an adequate amount of classrooms that look pleasant with good paintings and decorations. All classrooms should have a built-in wall cupboard to keep books and many other important things. 

4. Library 

A library is a place where children get knowledge beyond their subjects, and it plays a vital role in the learning process too. The library should be located in that part of the school where the surroundings are calm and soothing so that students should concentrate better. 

If you are seeking some of the good Top 10 CBSE schools in Mumbai for your children, then there are many options available for your child. Almost all CBSe schools in Mumbai offer an excellent infrastructure along with a curriculum that meets high academic standards. The lush green landscape of these schools is beautiful. These schools not only have beautiful ambience but provide students with frequent workshops and PTMs conducted that ensure that teachers and parents work together for the development of the children. Regular events and activities t are part of the curriculum and that are aimed at instilling discipline, ethics as well as values in students that assist them in developing their overall personality to become better citizens worldwide. People think that physical space is a secondary thing , and concentration is the priority , but as many studies suggest that environmental factors increase academic performance and motivate attendance.

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