Best MBA Colleges in Ernakulam

Best MBA Colleges in Ernakulam

In 2016, the Ministry of Human Resources Development’s National Institutional Ranking Framework ranked IIM-K at 6th among the top 50 management institutes for research and teaching in India. It is also at the top of the MBA colleges in Kerala. Kerala has become a very well-liked destination for MBA students. Due to this growth the problem for choosing the Top MBA Colleges in Kerala have been increased. After the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) opened its doors in Kozhikode in 1996, it has prompted many education entrepreneurs to venture into the state. Almost all the colleges are doing well.

Students are also looking for MBA colleges in certain cities for their own convenience. They may be from Kottayam or may be working at Kottayam, where they would like to go back after completing their degree or diploma. They may also want to take a part-time course, while working. However, most of the colleges are located in or around Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, where the costs are higher. Student may be interested in the local industrial and professional environment and keen to build networks in that. These students should take heart from the fact that there are some good colleges in central Kerala too, where the costs would be reasonable (around Rs 4 lakh in course fees) and campus environment would also more spacious, student-friendly and activity-oriented. In fact, if you look at the
MBA Colleges in Ernakulam you will find a good many prestigious institutes.

The MBA colleges in Kerala is growing every day. So to choose the best one look for the syllabus, industry tie-ups and workshops, and accreditation. A good management program is enriched by visits to good companies and their shop floor, and the wisdom the industry experts offer. Also, if the course is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, it will your degree acceptable in 20 countries, and open the doors to a brighter future. Also, NBA accreditation gives the students a chance to take a transfer to foreign universities, with full credits earned in the Indian college.

Finally, the facilities and the life at campus. Visit the college and check out the state of the laboratory, library, hostels, and the look on the faces of the students—are they happy? You will study hard for your degree, but competitions, fun activities, research, voluntary work, and coordinating with business associations will not only make you energetic and confident but also polish your networking abilities that will be valuable to your future progress. The
Best MBA Colleges in Ernakulam must offer a good mix of scholastic and extra-curricular activities to develop the students into top-notch managers with people skills.


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