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Polymer Insulators

If you are looking forward to buy mechanical shear head lugs or if you are finding the best of Polymer insulators manufacturer. Here, we are. We aim at providing you the best of the quality whenever it comes to polymer insulators. Well, we understand the necessity for high quality product and what you are looking for. Apart from maintaining the quality of the product, we even focus to provide the best of the sale services possible. Most of the times, the places were individuals company lack is the after sale support and service. But if you are dealing with us, there is no point that you need to worry about. Our expertises are smart enough to deal with the technical stuffs and can help you out when something goes wrong.  

Speaking of the Polymer insulators, we produce the best of it possible within the range of price which can be affordable for you guys. High voltage insulator ranging from 10kv to 500kv series can be easily available at your door step with our help. These polymer insulators are long rod of silicone rubber and ranges in a different kind of types. Rubber insulators, electrified railway polymer insulators, polymer disc insulators, station post polymer insulators, pin type composite insulators and polymer lighting arrestor. Each of them are specialised in their own kind of job and can give the best of the output possible.

 Polymer Insulators Manufacturer

What should you look for in a Polymer Insulator?

Whenever you buy a polymer insulator, the best thing to look forward in it is the reliability it offers. This is the most important property that it needed in an insulator whether it being a ceramic a polymeric one. The reliability of the insulator can be known by making a check on the quality of electrical and polymer line post insulator mechanical strengths. Well, mechanical strength is something that the manufactures can guarantee for, however, the electrical strength of the product can be guaranteed over decades. Thus, a regular maintenance of the product is necessary and must be dealt with each year.

For the one who doesn’t know, this new style of insulators were introduced somewhere 25 years ago and  the practise of using it since then is the ongoing one. The ceramic insulator was failure but this wasn’t the reason why everyone chose polymer insulator over it. Polymer insulators manufacturer was better in every other possible that you can ever imagine of. Followings are the thing which polymer insulator is better at.

  1. About 90% weight reduction has been found out after the use of polymer insulators.
  2. Associate cost or the maintenance cost required for the polymer insulators is way much less when compared to the ceramic insulators.
  3. Apart from it, it is even eco-friendly to some extent. Atleast, it is better when compared to the old model, i.e., ceramic insulators.

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