Bridal Airbrush Tanning

Bridal Airbrush Tanning

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Sunless or fake tans were once considered a serious no-no for brides but as the technology has improved and evolved having a tan on their wedding day is now considered by brides to be a must have for those wedding day photos.

When a bride to-be contemplates getting a wedding-day or honeymoon tan there are a few things she will need to consider. Firstly she must be aware that there are several ways to get that sunless tan and some ways are better than others. Secondly, she should plan for the tanning sessions several months before the actual big day as it might take several sessions to get the desired level of tan. Thirdly she must realize if this is her first tanning session that changing the color of her complexion will also require a change in her makeup regime.

In the first case the bride could consider, depending on the style of her dress, tanning just her face using off-the-shelf tanning crèmes lotions or gels. These should be easy to apply on a small surface but is she wants an all over body tan then she must look to a spray or airbrush tanning solution. For most people an airbrush tan would be optimal as it gives a far greater range of tones and tanning depth to create a custom tan to match a specific complexion and skin-type.

However, getting a tan does require some experimentation and time so she should start experimenting with custom tans about 6 weeks before the wedding. This is because a tan will typically develop slowly in the 12-48 hours after the airbrush session and last between 3 and 7 days. That crucial time for the tan to develop to its fullest will require the bride to look to have the tanning session two days before the wedding. Therefore the bride will want to give herself plenty of time to try out different tones and tanning depths unless she is fortunate to strike it lucky first time.

Should the bride choose to go with airbrush tanning, she will probably choose to book sessions held at her home by a trained salon tech. This is an expense that is well worth paying for the extra peace of mind. Also a therapist will ensure a custom tan that avoids many pitfalls to self-tanning such as stained hairlines on blonde brides, white creases on the hands and arms or unsightly streaks.

The third consideration that many brides fail to recognize is that changing your complexion will require you to change your make-up regime. Therefore it is essential that you have your tan before you go for any makeup trials at a salon. However she should also remember that shaving, waxing or exfoliation should be done the day prior to the tanning session and no showering or contact with water for 8 hours after the tanning chemicals have been applied. This also means no brushing her teeth as this will result in tell-tale white line around the corners of her mouth. Also the tan will take up to 48 hours to reach its full depth and tone so it is a good idea to have any make-up trial on day 2 after a tanning session.


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