Car Vending Machines

China has the biggest consumer population and has been evolving new products to cater to more shoppers. Just recently, China’s e-commerce platform, Alibaba, ventured in vending machines. Instead of having products as simple as soda and cigarettes, cars can be bought. This vending machine is a symbol for China to show the world how instant anything can be. The transaction starts through consumers accessing their smartphones. Once an order has been placed, the car will then be moved to the ground level of a display tower. This is an additional service under Tmall platform that is also under Alibaba. Practically anything can now be bought online, where other brands who also have physical stores participate. This is Alibaba’s strategy of having more retailers available in the platform where data can actually be stored and buyers are encouraged to spend more.

As a matter of fact, China is not the first to have a car vending machine. Singaporean retailer Autobahn Motors came up with a 15-storey showroom. It is named the largest vending machine that carries luxury cars and was established in December. Consequently, the US has been expanding its online car retail service named Carvana. This company was first launched in 2012 and has already opened 31 markets and in 15 states all over the US. The transactions are not limited to buying but also includes trading in, selling and as simple as browsing vehicles. Furthermore, the cars ordered online can be delivered to one’s doorstep on the next day. All of the processes are done online and the dealership can be managed in the same way. In Carvana, there is a wide range of cars available where the options reach a few thousand. Even the buying and selling would not require more than the online access for the clients because the platform will be responsible for picking up and delivering cars. Additionally, there are car vending machines that can be coin operated, provided by Carvana as well. It is available in five cities namely Austin, Houston, Dallas, Tennessee and Texas.

The market for cars has definitely changed through time. Companies are becoming more innovative to make sure that current technology is being maximized. Also, there is an increased demand for cars which provides opportunities for it to become suitable for online platform transactions. As the market grows, the company also requires more employees to fulfill duties. China and the US may have already been in the same path regarding vending machines but their individual performance has yet to be evaluated. China’s consumer industry is significant enough to contribute to their economy while the US does not have the same amount of online shoppers.

China and the US have been in an endless battle to become the most powerful economy in the world. The US is the greatest economy for a long time but China is catching up. The economic reforms implemented by China definitely turned the wheel for its own good. Before which, China experienced an economy under turmoil due to the Nanking Massacre. It took them decades to finally have a more stable situation.

When it comes to the car vending machines, China and the US have a different approach. The US has more vast car resourced while China carries luxury cars such as Maserati and Alfa Romeo. While China is more new to this, it has sold more than 300 high-end cars. China is actually a big car manufacturer and retailer selling almost 30 million cars in 2016. The two nations have been looking into new means of gaining revenue and car vending machines can be the most instant and effective source.