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Multi Style Yoga School Multi Style Yoga TTC School The Best Place for Yoga Teacher Training India is Our Yoga School The Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Dharamsala Located in Goa, India. We are Currently running Different Types TTC Courses Like | 200 Hour Yoga TTC | 300 Hour Yoga TTC | 500 Hour Yoga TTC | Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses | Vinysa Yoga TTC Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Dharamsala What is yoga? The art of exercise to focuses on the spiritual, mental and physical fundamental of our life that aims for a relaxed body, mind and soul. It is the liberal to the positive energy that will spread out in your body as a whole with so much to give including balancing of mind and strengthening on a physical level. Yoga is a form that is born in India over 1000 years ago and with time have increased its impact on the lives of individuals. Why Dharamsala It has an ideal locations The yoga, sand and spirit have a deeper connection than what we can predict. The tropical climate, long coastline and soothing voice of waves with a tint of salty air, bring a sense of calm that only nature can provide you. At Yoga TTC, this is the most essential mood smoother that you can take advantage of with yoga at the beach. This tranquil experience will add to your learning to a whole new level. The immaculate beauty of Goa will make you fall in love with learning yoga in that environment. The natural environment will attract you and with an experienced yoga guru, you can only expect great things including the discovery of a deeper and calm version of yourself. On top of that, yoga TTC in Goa will also provide you with ancient knowledge about the art that is born in India in an unaltered and pure manner. Goa is well known as “tourist paradise” and “pearl of the Orient” is the perfect blend of the pristine environment, rich heritage and vibrant culture. Even yoga enthusiast will find this place idyllic due to its retreat program and training courses that include all type of yoga styles. Apart from the ideal environment, you will find that the Goa is full of friendly and positive people that will leave no stone turned to make you feel welcome with love and warmth. In addition to this, it is one of the most visited cities of India by international people that is resided by people with multiple linguistic knowledge.

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