Child Location Tracker app: An Important Safety Feature for Your Kids

Child Location Tracker app An Important Safty Feature for Your Kids

Can you stop your kids from exploring, riding, or wandering in the wilderness? You can’t and won’t enjoy holding them back. So, how do you ensure your child is safe while they land in adventure land.

While your kid is busy pretending to be Dora the Explorer, why not install a child location tracker app in your phone and be tension free for life. 

What Is Child Location Tracker App and Why Is It Useful? 

When kids want to enjoy new opportunities, they do not worry about the dangers and risks involved. But parents do. Even after all the advice and teachings, they are not alert of the given situation and get carried away in their world of imagination. 

As wise folks, it is a good practice to offer kids their space and permit adventurous time. However, it is also essential and advisable to track kids and their activities. 

Instead of completely going cold turkey on adventures, use a child location app. The app will solve the worry of tracking your child’s location and allow them to enjoy a care-free time. 

A child location tracker is GPS-enabled that offers child monitoring services and solutions to parents. Some apps also have the capability to show real-time locations. 

These apps come very handy when the kids are away on excursions or traveling far.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App’s Safety Feature for Kids

Installing a single GPS tracker app is not a smart solution. It is just another addition to your overflowing app menu, occupying unnecessary internal memory.

Instead, using a parental control app is a wiser plan. Parental control adds more value to kids’ security than an individual tracker. 

Hence, try the Bit Guardian Parental Control app. The software is a one-stop-shop for all your digital parental issues. You will be able to find all the functionalities to track and control kids’ digital activities. 

The app brings many valuable parental controls on the table such as the;

–    App Blocker– With the App Blocker parents can keep an eye on the inappropriate apps. Mark such apps as unsuitable and block them immediately. Kids will no longer have access to the app.

–    App Install Blocker- To ensure complete protection against indecent apps, restrict the app downloading option to make sure kids are unable to add new apps. If they wish to download a new app, they will need a parent’s permission before downloading.

–    Call Blocker – Cut off all suspicious callers and strangers from your kid’s phone. Block all incoming and outgoing numbers in your kid’s contact. 

–    Kiosk Mode- Initiate a phone launcher in kids phone such that it restricts all unnecessary apps like dating sites on the device. As a parental control app, this works perfectly during examinations and crucial periods of life. 

–    Anti-Theft – Child Tracker App is incomplete without an efficient GPS enabled Anti-Theft feature. If your kid loses the device accidentally, try to locate the device using GPS tools and remotely delete all data from their device. 

–    GPS – GPS location finder is a great way to track kids, but geofencing and over speeding alerts are an excellent addition to a basic parental control app. Mark your kids safe on a virtual platform by setting boundaries. Receive alerts when your kid crosses the Geofence. If your child has a habit of over speeding, get alerted when they exceed the speed limit. 

–    Panic Alert- Let your kids know they are not alone. Introduce them to the SOS button and receive alerts & notifications with their current location of the emergency.  

–    Time Schedule- Shut the screen to avoid health problems. Set curfew hours on your kid’s phone to avoid any distractions during study hours or bedtime. If need be, you can specifically block apps which cause more wastage of time like gaming apps or social media apps. Activate the app when your kid is comparatively free in the day. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control has the finest GPS-enabled tools in the market. It offers an efficient GPS locator that locates kids’ activities on the map. The Geofence provides a remarkable method to make virtual boundaries for kids; an alert gets triggered to the parent on the entry and exit of the kid. And last but not least, the over speeding technique of the app is excellent. Each time your kid tries be a road racer, receive a notification informing you- they notoriously crossed the set speed limit. Catch them before the cops do!

Have You Installed the GPS Tracker App in Your Cell Phone?

Several Android apps can benefit you and offer the safety feature for kids. But it is proven and observed that Bit Guardian Parental Control’s GPS features stand out in the industry. The results are more accurate than wrong. The notifications and alerts are always on time. 

Android users love the app and keep asking for more. So, Install the Best GPS Tracker app and add one less thing to worry about!

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