Designer Candle Holders To Illuminate The Elegance Of Your Room:

Candles are a ceremonious object predominantly used in the temples in the time of Chanukah. But the dramatic transformation has made this typical piece a friendly decor of your center table. Candle holder also recalled as menorah is fundamentally used to offer a stable base to the candle. But oodles of experiments are done on its conventional design.

Consequently, the wide spectrum of shapes and sizes are instituted. Substantially bronze, alloy was used as a primary raw material. However ceramic candle holders are also gaining momentum along with the aforesaid materials as well.

Head ahead to get some insight on some of the superlative designs of the candle holders.

  • The palm tree candle holders:

As alluring designs invariably captivate your attention. The silver coated palms shaped candle holder online India will literally look stand out in your home. The leaves of the palm erecting out enhance the appeal of the blue colored glass holders. To make the living room look presentable, simply place it on the center table. Light it up with multi colored candles on the either side. Certainly, it will spread the aura of warmth and felicity in the air.

  • Wooden Mosaic candle holder:

The wood itself exhibits classiness that too in the form of decor is certainly stupefying. Now can you imagine the height of magnificence that it obtains when detailed with mosaic work? The use of onyx stained in rich turquoise and light green projects a royal elegance from every angle. The three-piece candle holder majestically calls for your interest. It’s enriched distinguished mosaic pattern compel you to discover it more profoundly. The self-elegant holders explicitly augment any corner. No matter whether you deck it up on the center table or simply put it aside in the corner rack. In every way, it will make your living room a cynosure.

  • Tea light candle holders:

Tea light candle holders are the manifestation of true artistic endeavors. These tea light candle holders decked in light green, lemon yellow or impeccable white magnifies the grandeur of your evening snack. Simply call up your guests and plan for a dim light snack party. The guests will unambiguously comment on the artistic craftsmanship. Predominantly, the involvement of the black colored metal wire around the candle holder affixed with a hook literally makes it adorable.

  • Emblazoned flower candle holder:

Flower candle stand is somewhat common to every living room. But this time greet the newly innovated Lotus candle stand. The nickel aluminum coating adorned in flawless white gives a virtual silver finish look to the stand. The twisted stem with a wide base holding flower on the top indeed amplifies the traditional appeal of your room. To exaggerate the look, small white crystal pearls are also festooned on the petals of each of the flower.

The above said are some of the latest candle stand designs. Just research on each of these to add a congenial design for your living room. It is noteworthy that you should buy candle holders online India. Make sure that you check out the prices at a glance.