Do These 5 Natural Ways To Treat Pyrea



  • Pyrea is a serious disease of the tooth.
  • Mustard oil is a very popular medicine.
  • Brush teeth thoroughly twice a day.

Pyrea is a serious disease of the tooth that infects the muscles around the teeth and harm them. This disease is due to many health-related reasons and is not limited to problems related to teeth only. The problem of the plaque is due to the bacteria being formed on the teeth and gums.

Symptoms and causes of the Pyrea 

Dental damage in teeth and tooth decay, thickening of teeth on the teeth, deodorant from the mouth, and unpleasant flavor in the mouth, circulation of bacteria, feeling of burning in the gums, and forming of ulcers and touching a little bit But also there are symptoms of Pyrea, such that bleeding from the gums. But do not panic because some Ayurvedic remedies can help you to avoid this.

Mustard oil and rock salt

It is a very popular drug for the treatment of the Pyrea. Applying rock salt in mustard oil, add to it on the teeth, the deodorant emerging from the teeth and the blood closes, the teeth are strong and the Pyrea gets out of the root.

Castor oil

Mix 200 ml castor oil, 5 grams of camphor, and 100 ml honey well, and put this mixture in a bowl and immerse the neem’s tooth on the teeth and do it for several days. It is also considered a great remedy to remove the Pyrea.

Raw guava

Guava is a very good source of vitamin C. It is very beneficial for teeth. If there is a problem, adding a little salt to raw guava is also helpful in treating Pyrea.

Neem leaves

coal powder and camphor in the ash of neem leaves, it is beneficial to get rid of sleeping by sleeping at night. In addition, this powder controls the formation of bleeding and pus with gums and also helps in the removal of deodorant from the mouth. You can also brush your teeth with Neem’s teeth.

What to Do and  Not to do it:· 

  • Avoid constipation. It is also advisable to take bath with hot water.
  • It is very important to brush teeth properly and brush regularly twice a day.
  • Take plenty of water for the disposal of poisonous substances present in the body.
  • Drink plenty of vitamins, such as amla, guava, pomegranate, and orange.
  • During the treatment of the Pyrea, the patient should take spice-free boiled vegetables.
  • Avoid smoking and smoking as it increases pyorrhoea disease.

According to Ayurveda, due to the lack of cleanliness of the Pyrea teeth, the unhealthy eating habits and stomach are not well cleaned. So avoid these reasons.

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