Drain Cleaning Hacks

Ever woke up one morning and realized you couldn’t use your sink, toilet, tub or laundry drain because it was clogged? I bet you have. Clogged drains are among the most annoying yet very common happening around the home. If it is not the kitchen sink, it could be the shower drain or the toilet.

Causes of clogging for indoor drains could be wipes, tissue, ear buds, food or toys. Outdoor drains are mainly clogged by dry leaves, twigs and waste from the garden. All in all, what is needed is a solution that is easy to get and is within reach. Some drain cleaning hacks include:

Boiling water

Before you rush to dial for drainage servicing, boil a kettleful of water and pour it into the drain. Chances are your drain is blocked by grease which will be melted away by the hot water. Give it time and you will notice the water that had stagnated draining well. If it does not, worry not. Try other solutions.

Boiling water + Baking soda

When using boiling water alone is not enough, baking soda can come in handy. Unlike commercial products which could corrode the drainage system, baking soda is mild but effective for the work. A cup or half a cup of baking soda could do the trick. Pour it to the clogged drain and follow it up with boiling water. Watch as it fizzles and bubbles to send the still water flowing again.

Boiling water + Baking soda + Lemon juice

Alternatively, you could add lemon juice for more effectiveness. Pour a cup of lemon juice together with baking soda down the drain and follow up with boiling water. Lemon juice here catalyzes the breakdown and your drain could start working after some few minutes. This concoction in many situations opens up the clogging.

Boiling water + Baking soda + Cider vinegar

If you are not for the idea of throwing some good lemonade down the drain, you could consider using cider vinegar instead. It is also cheaper. Just like the lemon mixture, pour the vinegar with the baking soda and follow it up with a constant flow of boiling water. Give it some time and watch if the fizzling opens up the drain. If not, that is not the only drain cleaning options. Read more…

Boiling water + Salt + Borax + Vinegar

To get things really moving down the drain, this solution is quite spiced up. Get a mixture from the three and direct it to the drain. Once you have done so, continue pouring the boiling water and give it time to clear. When you notice reluctance, you can snake with a long stick or metal rod to force movement.


You should always have a plunger inside the house kept away and brought out for such occasions. Plunging forces air down the drain to push the clogged item and allow water passage. Plunge away until you yield results.


Some materials are too stubborn to be moved. This will force you to wear gloves and get down to snaking. Use a plumber’s snake and if you don’t have one, a coat hunger could be a good improvise.

Call the plumber

If symptoms persist, call the plumber!