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One of the best and the most comfortable natural fibre is cotton. Cotton has been used in Indian sub-continent from ages because of its soothing properties and the climatic conditions that India has. The breathability between skin and fabric that cotton provides, no other fibre can give you the same. Did you know that cotton is even mentioned in Rig Veda – the oldest among the scriptures India has ever got. With all the benefits cotton provides it’s truly a miraculous fibre. It needs to be washed less and you can wear it anytime and anywhere. Seeing the importance and benefits of cotton, Indian August presents an amazing collection of cotton dupattas and handloom fabrics to make your remaining summer of the year, extra bearable.

Dupattas are single piece fabric, originally worn as a symbol of modesty has come a long way in fashion industry. Also known as chunni or chunri and with many other vernacular terms, they were originally worn with salwar-kameez. Log on to Indian August to buy some myriad cotton dupattas online. We have a breathtaking collection of cotton, silks and Chanderi dupattas online. The varieties include Ikat dupattas, dupattas with Kalamkari, Ajrakh dupattas, Kota dupattas, Banarasi dupattas for cultural occasions and many more. You can pick your favourite styles depending on the event you are buying it for.

For example you can choose sheer ones like net or chanderis for luncheons or day events while for events like wedding or so, you can choose embellished ones. For a royal look buy our Banarasi dupattas with zari border. The dupattas are the major thing in today’s fashion and we surely recommend buying them. They can be worn and draped in various ways like making a turban, or one sided palla, or hanging from both sides of shoulders, thus making a style statement. Besides you can take it like a stole as well to protect yourself from scorching heat.

One of the best parts of shopping online from Indian August is along with dupattas you can now choose varieties of handloom fabrics you would like to wear it with. Yes, you hard it right. You can buy handloom fabrics online India at an affordable rate. A handloom fabric implies to fabrics which are woven with hands and thus eliminates any interference of machine. These fabrics are a result of utmost precision of extremely rich artisans. These skilful artists have been doing it since ages, each generation learning from older generations. Handloom fabrics are extremely soft and do not involve chemical processing. Buy beautiful handloom fabrics online like Ikat, Chanderis, Maheshwaris and many more only from Indian August.

This season celebrate India with handloom fabrics online and show your true Indian identity with cotton dupattas online from Indian August.


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