Exciting Road Trip routes from Bangalore

Trip routes from Bangalore

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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India and with the sheer number of IT professionals living in the city it makes sense to assume that once in a while everyone would need a day or two off for a weekend trip to nearby places to relax and recharge yourselves.

Bangalore is located in the sweet spot with numerous tourist spots nearby and within a few hundred kilometres making it an ideal tourist hub for people planning to go on vacation or road trips around Bangalore. Places like Ooty and Mysore are just hours away from the city making them the perfect road trip destination with your friends and family.


Bangalore or Bengaluru is the 3rd most populous city in the country and is surrounded by some of the most famous tourist hotspots in the country giving the people living in the city perfect opportunity to go on road trips on weekends. A Bangalore to Ooty cab will take you to Ooty without much hassle and give you a road trip of fond and beautiful memories.

Adding to it the year round comfortable climate, Bangalore and the nearby regions are a tourism and road trip paradise because of them being available for visits all year long.

When going on a road trip from Bangalore, one can easily book cabs or taxis for their trip for very low prices and have a great weekend getaway.

Some of the must see places near Bangalore worthy of a road trip are:

  • Shivanasamudaram Falls
  • Nandi Hills
  • Bheemeshwari
  • Ooty
  • Yercaud
  • Wayanad
  • Skandagiri
  • Coorg
  • Mysore


All these places are within a few hundred kilometres and are suitable for a weekend holiday. The short distance makes them the perfect road trip destinations.

Of the aforementioned places, Ooty and Mysore the most famous holiday destinations for the people of Bangalore and see the most tourist traffic from Bangalore.


The crown jewel of the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty gives Mussoorie the run for its money when it comes to the title of Queen of Hill Stations. The hill station is famous for being a summer retreat of the Madras Presidency. Although much of the Hill station is covered under protected areas and not opens to visitors, the beauty of the city is beyond words and mesmerizes any lucky soul who visits the hill station.

The 266 km drive will take about 5-6 hours through the Bangalore-Mysore highway and SH66 and show you some of the most majestic sights you have ever seen in your lifetime. One can also book a Bangalore to Ooty taxi for a one way trip to Ooty if they are planning to stay in the hill station for a longer duration. Bangalore to Ooty Cab will take you to Ooty, ferry you around the hill station and bring you back to Bangalore while the same may not be true for every Bangalore to Ooty taxi.


Mysore is another heavy weight tourist destination near Bangalore and an important city in the history of the country and the state. Tagged as the ‘Cultural Capital of South Karnataka’, Mysore is the 3rd largest city in the state and known for its majestic palaces and historical buildings. The Mysore Palace itself has been named a ‘World Heritage Site’ making it a highly sought after tourist destination in the city.

The year round clear and pleasant climate keep it open for visitors all year and the steady stream of tourists has made tourism one of the major industries in the city. The city was recently renamed to Mysuru to represent the Mysore empire and the heritage of the city in much more traditional way.

Mysore is 150 Km from Bangalore and a Bangalore to Mysore cab would take 2-3 hours to reach your destination. The ease of access due to the Bangalore-Mysore highway make it a viable road trip and with so many Bangalore to Mysore taxi services available, it is now easier than ever to visit Mysore and soak in the history and culture of Karnataka.

Bangalore to Mysore cab will show you around the city and bring you back as per your vacation schedule and a Bangalore to Mysore taxi would only be enough for a one way trip from Bangalore to Mysore.

The excellent road conditions around Bangalore and to such picturesque places make them ideal for weekend or planned road trips giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.


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