Explore the Nightlife of Mumbai- A City that Never Sleeps

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Mumbai is huge. It’s full of idealist and hard-working people, divas and crooks, artists, stray dogs, exotic birds, servants, millionaires, fisherfolk and lots and lots of people. It has India’s most creative and productive film industry, some of Asia’s largest slums as well as the world’s most high-priced houses, and also is home to the largest tropical forest in an urban area. It is India’s financial powerhouse and fashion hub. It has even developed its own language, Bambaiya Hindi, which is a mix of everything.

If Mumbai is your introduction to India, prepare yourself. The city isn’t a fearsome place but it’s wild energy, insufficient public transport and extreme level of pollution makes it arduous task for visitors. The center of the city contains some of the majestic colonial-era architecture on earth, but explore a little more and you’ll discover hidden temples, unique bazaars, hipster enclaves and India’s leading restaurants and nightlife. To explore this magnificent city, you can travel by Rajdhani or Awadh express and check your 19037 running status online to make your travel easier!

Mumbai 6 (1)

Mumbai has a plethora of nightlife options, starting from hole-in-the-wall beer bars, excellently, but there is more to it. Here is the list of some of the best nightclubs and restaurants in Mumbai.


Mumbai is a cultural destination, a world-class place for stand-up comedy, concerts that contain everything from Indie to Mexican, and lots of DJ-operated club nights like house, hip-hop and EDM. There’s also a restaurant with technologically advanced pod seating in the private main room. Happy hours start from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. It’s 1 km north from the Mahalaxmi train station.

Harbour Bar

With unimaginable views of the Gateway of India and harbour, this enduring bar inside the Taj is a requisite visit. Drinks are not going to create a hole in your pocket, given the fact that they come with very magnanimous portions of nibbles which includes jumbo cashews.


This white rooftop pub has great views of Mumbai’s crescent beach from its 8th-floor viewpoint. Cocktails entice the hippy young crowd of Mumbai each night. Luxuriate yourself with a Ki Garden (elderberry, cloudy apple juice and vodka) or  a pitcher of Kingfisher beer for ₹375.


Visually, this place is superb with great ambiance that has water pouring from the hands of a towering Japanese goddess into lotus ponds, which shows glittering light on the walls. It’s totally over the top, but the drinks as well as the Asian-fusion dishes are lip smacking. By 10.30 pm it changes into more of a club, with DJs playing some mean house, salsa and disco. It’s about 3 kms from north of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

The pub of choice for Bandra’s filmi crème de la crème and ambitious starlets, Olive is a Mediterranean-style restaurant whose candle-lit terraces and rooms elicit Ibiza and Mykonos. It’s the ideal setting for inspired Italian and Greek food and vibing DJ music. Thursday and weekends are jam-packed here. There’s a second branch near Mahalaxmi.

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