Finished your study in Australia? Apply for 485 visa


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What is meant by Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

Have you completed with you studies and still having desire to reside in the region for further working. This visa is also said to be as the temporary work visa for the students. After attaining the grant for the visa, one could easily move in and out of the Aussie land. One would attain the grant for the visa for the time slot of 18 months to that of 4 years. It is too  essential to know that, when one has the expiry of the Student Visa Subclass 500 then he/she goes for the application of Visa 485.  Not only this, the time duration for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 too depends on the prevailing streams in the visa.

Visa Subclass 485 Checklist

It is essential for the individual to have the proper consideration of the required documents in order to have the application for visa subclass 485. The same would have the inclusion of the following;

  • Requirement rests with the identity proof related documents. The same would have the inclusion of passport size photograph, birth certificate and the passport.
  • Family relationship based documents are too considered. If there persists the de facto relationship, it is required that one should provide the proof of the relationship stay for the time period of 12 months. Other required documents in the facet would include the marriage certificate.
  • One should also meet out the health and the character based requirements in order to attain the visa subclass 485 visa grant.
  • It is too essential that you should meet out the English proficiency based requirement.

Consider the Defined Details for Subclass 485 Visa application

  • Have the selection of the most accurate visa stream: The applicant of the visa is required to have the knowledge of the aspect that there prevails 2 streams in the visa and those are like the post study work program and the graduate work stream. The post study work stream is for the students who have done with their bachelor’s, doctorate or that of the master’s degree from any of the top ranking institutes in the Australian region. The validity of the visa is said to be around 4 years. On the other hand, the graduate work stream is for those people who have completed with the learning of certain courses in Australia as required for the specific occupation.

It is vital to know that the visa is for those group of people who had their application for their first visa after 5 Nov 2011 in Australia. You can also sponsor your family to Australia once you attain the grant for the visa. The visa processing merely takes around 4 months time period.

  • Partner & Family Member based details : After having the proper consideration of the health and the character based requirements for the visa, one could also sponsor their family member or partner to Australia.
  • Requirement of the English Proficiency: One should attain the required scores in the English Proficiency test required for the visa subclass 485. The system for the same is known to be the IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ).
  • Considering the Health Insurance: It too rests to be the essential consideration which is required to be determined by the aspirant of the Graduate Visa Subclass 485. Thus, the authorities could too face the rejection or the refusal of the visa in case the authorities are satisfied with your health insurance based consideration. The insurance based listing for the visa is being done in the OVHC ( Overseas Visitors Health Cover )

Visa Subclass 485 Streams

1) Post Study Work Stream: The visa stream is meant for those group of individuals who have completed with their learning from any of the top ranking institute of Australia. The visa is having the validity of around 3 to 4 years in Australia.

Eligibility for the Visa stream :

  • The applicant of the visa is required to be below the age of 50 years.
  • The person should have gained with passport from any of the nation like USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, etc.
  • The individual is required to be skilled in certain qualification. The same could be the degree in master’s, doctorate, bachelor’s, etc from any of the reputed training provider in Australia.
  • You are required to provide the proof of your English proficiency which is much vital for attaining the visa grant.

2) Graduate Work Stream: This visa provides you with the benefits of working in the Australia. Majorly, it is meant for those group of individuals who have completed with the required qualification in the facet. One can also sponsor their family or the partner by having the visa grant.

Eligibility for the visa stream:

  • The individual applying for the visa should be below 50 years of age.
  • Also, you should possess passport from any of the nation among New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, etc.
  • Your learning of the courses should be any of the institute which is being registered under the CRICOS in the past 6 months. It is too essential that it should be lasted for the time period of around 2 years.
  • You are required to provide proof to the authorities that you are enough proficient in English. Along with this, you should also sign up with the agreement based on the Australian Values Statement.

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