Freelancer V/S A Company For Outsourcing – Why Should You Hire An Established Company?


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Outsourcing, by definition, means to hire professionals to focus on your services, the development of your products, etc. One can employ any and everybody to outsource but would it be wise to hire just any partner to outsource the for your firm, considering it would involve passing on the significant information along with confidential matters, technologies, and other corporate information. Maybe not.

You might have a dilemma as to employing a freelancer or an established software development company as your outsourcing partner and very rightly so. Hence, here we are, clarifying any and every predicament of yours and help you choose better.

Here’s why it is beneficial for you to hire an established company than a freelancer:

  • An established company already maintains a team of all those you would or might need with just the right kind of skill set, be it administrative, finance, IT, development, and many others. You don’t have to go looking for different people for different tasks on your own.
  • Freelancers are known for multitasking, and they might put your project on whichever priority they please. There is no assurance of them setting you supreme; however, an established company has its own goals and deadlines to match, and your project would not be put on hold for another.
  • Freelancers might be experienced but an established company would have qualified as well as experienced both kinds of people, working solely on your project, trying to give you the best of the worlds.
  • Along with continuous support from the established company, you would also get collective expertise along with flexible and fine-quality backend. When it comes to hiring a company rather than a freelancer for outsourcing, it has many perks including not being too dependent on one person or wait for their availability or schedules.
  • You can hire a developer from Anestablished Company as per the terms and conditions. When you hire a developer from a company who is engaged in website development full time, will provide you with an assigned developer in order to complete the task with both speed and quality.
  • If you hire a Freelancer, the confidentiality of both you and your project compromised. That’s why it is recommended to hire a developer from a company. Companies agree to an agreement between you and the company. This will make you sure about the safety of your project. Freelancer can use the same code to develop another app without informing you about the same.
  • When a company work on your project you can expect a full-time developer available for your queries all the time. They will be flexible for any discussions and queries regarding the project.
  • When you make the cost comparison of company and freelancer you can check that you can create a full project as per the cost is given by the company at the time of the agreement. On the other hand, a freelancer work on charges per hour and that can change at any time without informing the client.

If you were initially unclear about which one to choose, this could be your clue to make a wise choice as you opt for an established firm as your outsourcing partner.

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