Grab a Global Career by Studying International Relation at JSIA

A career in international relations is not only professionally fulfilling but also highly rewarding on a personal level as you work on the world’s most complex issues with a view to come up with effective solutions. There are a large number of career paths to choose from in this field. These include government bodies, academia, non-profit organizations, developmental agencies, consulting firms, businesses and think tanks. Wherever you choose to fit in depends, to a large extent, upon your skills, inclination, experience and interests.

The United States Government is considered to be the best place to work, for those who are interested in this field. There are countless opportunities to work in many agencies.

Some of them include the following-

  • Development at USAID
  • Intelligence at the CIA
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defence
  • International trade at Department of Commerce
  • The Peace Corps
  • The Department of State.

The State department is the most popular place for aspiring professionals in international relations. This program sends you across the globe to serve in both highly challenging and immensely rewarding environments as you balance democracy and diplomacy through your job.

In the recent past, Indian universities have also recognized the growing value of a course on international relations and are offering them at both graduate and post graduate levels-

Common career paths in International Relations after graduating from the best international relations colleges in Delhi NCR include:

  • Multilateral and intergovernmental organisations
  • Non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • Banking and accounting services
  • Local and national governments as government relations consultant
  • Media and publishing companies as marketing and client relations officer

A Look at the Postgraduate Programs in International Relations

The PG Program in International Studies comprises of diverse fields of study such as:

  • International relations
  • International law
  • International political economy
  • International economics
  • World history
  • Strategic studies
  • Globalization.

Following a comprehensive study of these subjects, you will be completing an internship in accordance with the curriculum of different institutions. The admission to all international relations programs in India and other reputed institutions around the globe is granted on the basis of your performance in the entrance examination.

International business is yet another career opportunity for those who are interested in international relations programs. This highly competitive, but rewarding career takes you across the globe to find solutions of different business problems which entirely depend upon your capability of understanding the intricacies world economics and the changes taking place in the global scenario. Top organizations like Bain or the Boston Consulting Group are considered to be the great places to work for.


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