Have You Been to These Leading Cafes in Mumbai?


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The city of dreams, Mumbai is honored with a lot of dazzling bistros that not just offer hot espresso with the crisply prepared treats, the sweet fragrance and the gooey chocolate, but also give you extraordinary solace and unwinding from the hustle of the city life. You can appreciate the glow of an enticing bistro wherever in Mumbai settling into the alleviating music at your agreeable lounge chairs and most loved cuppa.

For a foodie, or a wanderer, looking for new, lesser known or ideal hangout spots is a much interesting exercise than browsing for Hyderabad to Mumbai flights, no? So if the mere mention of the word food along with a soothing ambience tantalizes your entire senses, then buddy, you definitely need to try out these cafes in Mumbai. These are not just out of the world, but also are ideal spots to rejuvenate or take your date out for something quaint and mesmerizing. Read ahead.

  1. Leopold Cafe
    A voyager foundation, Leopold is swarmed daily with guests from over the globe. The extensive open-arrangement lounge area is an air spot to appreciate Chinese, Indian and mainland nourishment — the tandoori and Irani dishes are especially great. Come ahead of schedule for supper then settle in for the night with a brew tower (three pints in a glass canister) or a container of Indian wine.


  1. Kala Ghoda Cafe

For some, this minimal bistro, surprisingly might make you fall in love with it at the first sight. Comfortable and cosy, this beguiling, sufficiently bright bistro situated in the heart of Mumbai’s art hub, is one of its kind. The freshly brewed coffee served at the bistro is directly sourced from the environmentally sound ranches of South India and blended by them only. Sitting on the bistro’s white plastic seats, enjoying a few people-viewing while at the same time diving into a flavorful breakfast appears like the perfect approach to spending a brilliant languid Sunday morning.

  1. Cafe Basilico

A smooth, wood-lined cafe on a side road off Colaba Causeway, serving scrumptious Italian pasta and thick gourmet sandwiches on newly heated bread is a spot to die for. The lounge area is screened by foliage and is brimming with dull wood, making a quiet asylum from the bustling road outside. This coffee shop is a blend of worldwide explorers and local people trying different things with European food.

  1. Theobroma

Local people and expats assemble at Theobroma every morning for spectacular, crisply prepared bread, rolls and brownies. Sweet tooths can take their pick from baked goods, cakes, bizarre breads, gourmet chocolates and great Italian espresso. Numerous individuals purchase food to take away, yet there are a couple of tables inside where you can appreciate a sweet breakfast or a quick evening snack.

  1. The Sea Lounge, The Taj at Colaba

The primary floor of the notable Taj Mahal Hotel is home to a standout amongst the most mystical coffeehouses in the city of Mumbai, The Sea Lounge. Pale, ocean hued walls and upholstery, warm wooden ground surface, delicate lighting emanating from exquisite ceiling fixtures, a stunning perspective of the Arabian Sea and a musician tenderly playing calming music – this is the whole setup! Oozing with eminence and romance, having some espresso at the Sea Lounge is an experience in itself. So before finalizing on or looking for Hyderabad to Mumbai flights, do stopover at this place!

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