Hearing Aids for Kids and Old People

Hearing aids for hearing impaired

Hearing aids is useful for all age groups children.Every hearing aids is not work for every children.An audiologist can find a best aids for your child. They have to talk about your child.They need to know child habits and needs.After this audiologist easily determine about the which hearing aids is good for your child.

Types of hearing aids

There are different types of hearing aids:

Canal Aids :

Two types of canal aids.

1 .In the Canal

    These are the smallest type of the hearing aids.It fits in your canal partly not fully into the canal.

2. Completely in Canal

     These fits completely into the ear canal.

In the Ear :

These are fits in the outer ear. These types of the hearing device can be damaged by the earwax or drainage.This is generally used to improve sound during telephone.


In ear hearing aids for hearing impaired

Behind the Ear :

This types of hearing aids we worn behind the ear.These hearing aids are mostly used for mild to severe hearing loss.

Wearing a Hearing Aids

In the starting periods child is not aware about the how to wear it,how to use it. So this is a big challenge for them .But after the few years of using they have gradually wear it. It takes sometimes but it happens.

In the beginning of wear hearing aids:

  1. First of all ,it takes times so be patient and give your child time to get used to the hearing aids.
  2. Start in the quiet environment. It’s very important.and gradually build up in the noiser surroundings.
  3. Third thing is experiment when and where hearing aids works best for child.
  4. Make a short questions and answer booklet and give it to your child.It really helps to know about the hearing aids.

Take care of Hearing Aids

 Hearing aids need to be kept dry. Methods for cleaning is totally depending on the style and shape of the hearing aids. Tips for taking care of hearing aids include the following:

  1. Keep the hearing aids away from heat.
  2. Check the Batteries on a regular basis and also replaced if needed.
  3. Avoid the use of hairspray and other hair products when the hearing aid is in place.

When purchasing the Hearing Aids for Kids

A medical examination is required before the buying hearing aids.we have to must consult to a good audiologist for better knowledge.

Some questions arises before the purchasing the hearing aids:

  1. Which design is best for the child?
  2. What’s the price ?
  3. What is the warranty periods  of the hearing aids and does it cover maintenance and repairs?


Hearing aids gives good result if and only if we use it properly and be aware of the mentienance. We have to be conscious because hearing aids are sensitive device.


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