How display packaging boxes can help the brand to promote and advertise efficiently?

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What is the best way to brand your product? You guessed it right, a packaging box featuring your brand name on display is the first thing that will catch the customer’s eye. Nonetheless, something as basic as a packaging box may be too insignificant to catch the browser’s attention so what the brand left to do with now is? The only way to have your brand name get some recognition is through creating display boxes in a way as such; it does not just bring your product some curious customers but also speaks out your brand name loud and clear.

Graphics and Design:

Creativity is key here. A box is just a box if it does not have that X-factor. With the graphics designing and digital marketing growing at such an anomalous pace, brands should make use of the feasibility graphics designing provides. Combine that with the efforts of creativity and art; a brand can break milestones with just the appearance of its display boxes. Not only is digital printing far cheaper, but it is also the best tool in bringing out the meaning of hiding behind an idea.

Take a brand slogan here; it is all about the way a slogan is imprinted on the product’s packaging. The appearance of the packaging should always be relevant to the brand’s culture; it’s product and its target audience.  “Just do it” will not make any sense till Nike does not feature its revolutionary mark right above it. There should always be a balance between the two things though.

Creating overly crowded messy boxes with countless shades and colors is not going to do the job well. A brand should always keep in mind that the display boxes stand out more and not blend into the countless shelves of rubbish all stacked in one lane of a departmental store.

Honest Advertising:

Be it a business starting up or an industry giant like Apple, Heinz or perhaps Cadbury- honest advertising is the only thing that will bring your brand the customer loyalty it needs. If a brand is selling plain milk chocolates, an image of almond truffles on the box will not just make the product come across as deceitful; it will also tarnish the company name to a point, retailers might refuse to shelf up their products. Honest advertising is the only way to make it in the markets today. The laid man now knows everything related to false advertising and buzz marketing.

People are keen to explore these tactics and very careful about how they spent their hard-earned cash. Misleading images and captions will even have the consumer demanding their money back and boycotting the brand itself. Everything has a ripple effect, and one person will speak to the other about their bad experience with the brand and so on… In case the brand is new in town, a single complaint can hinder its capability to survive. Therefore, brands need their packaging to depict exactly what is inside.

It is all in the Details:

A display box can be the very first thing that catches the consumer’s attention.  It can even be something that has their eyes glued at it for so long; they cannot help but pick it up and explore it in more closely. A consumer looking for a carton of milk will be the one browsing the milk shelves. Your brand may have succeeded to catch their attention but does that mean you are the winner now?

Like I stated earlier, people are getting far smarter and a lot more educated on the consumerism dilemma. They know what a brand is trying to do and if it is honest with the image, it is trying to portray. Is it making use of biodegradable materials and if so, does it have the stamp on the regulatory bodies that work on protecting the environment? Does the box give a clear and honest account of the ingredients inside being exactly what is written on the top of it?

Is the expiry of the product written clearly on top of the carton or is it written in a hard to find a corner that annoys the customer and has them chugging away the carton in a matter of seconds, opting for the very next brand? The packaging can make or break a product. A company should invest more effort into the boxing aspect of things before it decides to shelve out its products.

Ensure Authenticity:

Ingenuity, ambiance and a certain relatability factor should be the driving force of any organization. This culture should run through the very heart of an organization and forebear its mark on its product, all the way to its packaging.  Any boxing is a success when the design features these three factors in a clear and simple manner. With countless products all stacked up at numerous stores instigating shrewd competition, the only way for a brand to stand apart from the rest is to ensure it is authentic and the claims made on top of the packaging are true.

There is always the nuisance rotting the market isles with knock-offs that have the authenticity of the genuine products compromised so the packaging should be made with superior grade materials and detailed in a way, the design is not as easy to copy. The task of combating fake products can be a hard one, but the company itself has to take the design aspect of the packaging seriously enough to a point, the consumer can tell the difference rather easily.

How Well Does the Packaging Stand out on the Shelves?

If I decide to take a stroll down the confectionery aisle, I am bound to stop at the spot where I see the best packaging. Something like Butler’s gift boxes is bound to catch my eye since the pretty ribbon on it will attract my girly heart in a matter of seconds. The boxes are packaged in a way they will catch the eye even from afar, amongst countless other boxes. The products may be aligned in several racks and shelves, but a packaging that is good enough will still stand out more.

This certain shelf value is what is known as “shelf impact” in terms of marketing. The shelf impact defines a lot of product sales and is all that matters at times when a brand I launching a new product. If I place out my highlighter collection on my vanity, I am pretty sure the Anastasia Amrezy Highlighter and the Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter will stand out more from the Makeup Revolution one and the balm ones.

This is because Anastasia and Ofra have the sort of appealing minimalist package designs that speak chic at first glance! It is not a surprise that these two products are also the best-selling highlighters on the market. The Makeup Revolution highlighter performs just as well and so does the balm one, but people end to reach out more at the Amrezy and Ofra highlighters.


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