How to compete with Uber with your Limo Fleet business


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Uber disrupted the traditional taxi service and also the way people organize their business.

The major rival to Uber in today’s time is the Limo Company. If Uber continues to grow at this speed, the existing Limo companies will suffer a lag in their business.

So, the question arises – is it OK to follow the herd and carry out business? Or to take a step back, devise new strategies and beat the behemoth?

For a company like Limo, the second option suits the best. All you need is a Taxi Booking Software for your Limo company and you can compete with Uber.

How will a Limo Dispatch Software help Limo Companies to compete with Uber?

The fundamentals of any Uber-like business lie in the aggravation of demand and then planning a supply to meet the demand.

Same is the case for the Limo Companies! You just need to turn your Limo Company into an on-demand business model and the luxury will tell a tale of its growth!

However, the right approach to competing with Uber is :

  • Dive into the industry with a Primitive Approach i.e. a Taxi Booking Software with MVPs.
  • Construct a business model to aggregate the demand in the form of a mobile app for the service providers and the customers.
  • Meet this demand of the customers with a distributed supply chain management with your Limo service.

All of these strategies can help your Limo business only if you help it gain the much-needed touch of on-demand Limo service.

And how to be that Uber? With the features!

MVP Features for the Limo Companies that can help compete with Uber

Let us take a look at the features that can help the Limo companies beat Uber and retain more customers.

Track a Ride

The Limo dispatch software comes with a feature for the customers called Track a Ride. It can help the customers know the exact location of their ride.

They can even find out how far the driver is from the location.

Fare Estimation

The taxi booking software can help the riders draw a fair estimate for their ride on the basis of their pickup and drop location. Since it is Limo, the price will be at a higher end, however, you can offer your customers discounts on their ride.

Multiple Modes of Payment
Usually, Limo is for special occasions. If for such events the customers are offered with the payment option of their choice, they would be more than be pleased with your service. The riders can select any type of payment, e.g. credit card, debit card, cash, mobile wallets, etc.

Book Now Ride later

With the help of a Limo dispatch software, riders can even schedule their rides. Once done, the riders get a confirmation. Since these are just the basic features, Limo companies can make a good start. With time and experience, you will be able to understand the market requirements and can advance your business by upgrading your taxi booking software.

So, what are the steps involved in the quest to compete with Uber?

How to Strategically Expand your Limo Company?

Limo Company is a big business opportunity. Add to that the Uber competition and you need to pull your socks up.

Right from conceptualizing to execution, you need to present a better version of your Limo service every time. Let’s understand how to expand your Limo business.

The basic version of a Limo dispatch software consists of the most viable features for all the three stakeholders – the admin, the driver, and the passenger.

The advanced version of the taxi booking software consists of the most advanced features for all the stakeholders. However, this version can be launched once you get a good experience with your stakeholders.

A bigger version can be by including innovative features to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Takeaway

It is never too late to jump into a competition. But if you don’t start now, you are already late.

Uber is measuring its uphill climb with new features, demographics and experiments while you have started considering Uber as a threat to your business. With time Uber will come up features and so big of an expansion that it will be a default taxi service provider.

This is when you need to realize where your Limo company currently is. The time is definitely right to equip your business with Limo dispatch software and get it on the track and running on the roads.

Author- Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011. It is known for developing Taxi dispatch software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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