How to Extend Summer Look Through Winter

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Summer is not always bad. Women think it irritating because of the heat but it is also beneficial. Women miss the summer season and they love that beach hair, bronze glow. In winter it is dark and cold outside so they have to wait another half year to again get back the effect of summer. But now it is not necessary to wait, you can get the effect of summer in winter also. It is possible to extend the summer in winter also.

Beach hair

To get the beach hair you need to allow your hair to get a bit dirty. Don’t wash your hair with shampoo and wash it with warm water. Comb your hair with fingers instead of comb and use the salt water to give the final touch up to the hair. Use the salt water more at the roots. Let the hair dry naturally and if you are busy then you can use a dryer. Keep the hair color original at the roots and use a hair lightener at the ends. The spray should not be used much as it can damage the hair. This is a good way which gives the feeling of hair similar to ones in summer.

Healthy makeupshoping

In the summer the skin hasthe natural radiance and the sun gives the bronze glow which makes you look fresh and eyes shiny. But it is not the same in winter. In summer you don’t need makeup, the atmosphere creates a beautiful makeup for you. To get the look similar to summer apply highlighter with the cream so that you get some moisture to the skin. Use the blush on cheeks and give it a rosy touch. Use mascara and eye shadow to highlight eyes. Don’t use bronzers and powder as it will give dry look.

Glowing skin

With makeup, the remaining body is also to be moisturized. The body is to be kept moisturized so that the upper layer of skin does not get peeled off. A self tanning product is good option when the paleness sets in. You can add a bit of oil with bronzer to get the shimmer effect and it helps to amplify your glow. Jabong Discount Coupons can be used to get the beauty products easily at good cost.

Baby oil

To get the effect of summer in winter you can apply the baby oil on your body during shower. It will help to keep the body moisturized and give the summer effect.

Maintain hair

IT is also necessary to moisturize the hair in winter. The hair color is more likely to fad at the end of the year i.e. in the winter. So the hair is also to be kept moisturized by applying the appropriate oil. So it will help to extend the summer through winter and give the effect of summer in winter also.

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