How to Improve The Efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioner

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All homeowners should carry out regular maintenance of their central air-conditioners to maintain its efficiency for the long term. All people heavily rely on their air conditioner unit during the summer season and want to get chilled rooms at their place.

But, no one can replace or repair their air-conditioning system after every one year. Regular maintenance is a cost-effective solution to retain its high-level efficiency. Moreover, proper maintenance elongates the life of your air conditioner.

Usually, people do not know how to do the maintenance of their central air conditioning system. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Read the following tips and keep your air-conditioner efficiency up to the required level.

  1. Clear The Area Around The Outdoor Unit

Most homeowners want to hide their outdoor unit of air conditioners as they consider it ugly and visually displeasing. They hide it by planting small trees around it, fencing, and trellises.

But they are not aware of the fact that outdoor unit of air conditioning Sydney needs a clear area in its surrounding for proper air-flow and high-level of efficiency. Experts say that approx 3 feet area around the outdoor unit should be clear.

Therefore, homeowners should put some efforts and clear the dirt, debris and fallen leaves on a regular basis. Trim the tree branches, bushes and other plants grown around this unit as it hinders the air flow.

  1. Wash The Accumulated Debris and Dust Inside Condenser

Usually, people install the outdoor unit far away at the unnoticeable location and they forget its regular cleaning. But, you should not forget it, mark the specific date each month on your calendar and carry out maintenance process.

The exterior unit or condenser pulls in the surrounding air. When it pulls the air, it also attracts pollen and other debris that often cling to its exterior. Accumulated dust and debris will act as obstruction and restrict the air flow. It will result in decrease cooling effect and increase cause overheating.

The best way to clean the condenser is to take your garden hose and use the strong water stream from the pipe to clear the accumulated junk.

  1. Avoid Closing Registers Completely

If you are living in a two-story house the upper level is usually hotter than the lower one. The same condition applied even when the central air conditioner is running. When you observe that cool air decreases and warm air rises most people start adjusting the air vent opening. It is the biggest mistake.

Closing the registers or air vents may result in frozen coils in the unit and the A/C stops working.  Therefore, it is recommended to never completely close the registers in order to balance the ambient temperature. You can close then slightly but not completely. In addition to this, also check that supply are working properly and they are not plugged out.

  1. Replace The Filter After Regular Interval

Air Filters forms an important part in any central air-conditioning system. It purifies the surrounding air and circulates clean air inside your home. Air filters remove the dust, dirt, pollens, allergens and other harmful microbes from your surrounding but after some time these filters are clogged with accumulated dirt, dust and other particles.

After some time, if filters are nor replaced with the new one when they start circulating ad quality air. It is not good for people who are living inside that place. Therefore, it is important to replace the filter after a regular interval.

Usually, these should be replaced after 90 days but mostly it depends on the usages of the air-conditioning system. The filter replacement process is quite simple and you can easily execute it.

  1. Heat Producing Elements Should be Away

Make sure that lamps and other heat producing elements should be far away air-conditioner thermostat. If any heat producing appliance is near to the thermostat then it considers that the surrounding atmosphere needs to be cool down.

Therefore, your air-conditioner will start working hard to create a more cooling effect. This not only reduces its efficiency but also increase energy consumption.

  1. Take Help Of Professionals

Ducted air conditioning Installation is simple but its maintenance is difficult task and you can hire professional for this process. Once in a year, call the HVAC professionals who will help you in air-conditioner maintenance.

It is recommended to call them before starting the summer season. These professionals check the control box, coils; fan motor and blades; and compressor and tubing.  Plus, they clean the unit properly. It will increase its efficiency and reduce running cost as well.

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