How to Incorporate Bare Figurative Paintings in your Space?

Figurative paintings have always had a love and hate relationship with the people in the world of art. Some people festoon the walls of their spaces with figurative art, however, some just dream of doing so. Wreathing the wall with such paintings become difficult for some as the human figures are either bare or making love to each other in an erotic way.

On the other hand, people who criticize it, do so, because they consider it as a mere representation of the human figures and surroundings. They also consider this form of painting as vulgar and obscene. Nevertheless, irrespective of the fact that figurative paintings have never garnered much attention, especially in the recent past, artists continue painting human figures in different ways. Because of this very reason, the figurative paintings style still manage to survive and thrive in the world which is more inclined towards modern art.

Clearly, these paintings in particular appease the senses of those who are bold, fearless and independent. The paintings are preferred more by those who do not let the norms of society suppress their choice and voice. Thus, regardless of our readers belonging to this category who are okay with hanging it anywhere or the other, our readers can get a fair share of idea for hanging these paintings tactfully.

  • Do not hurry-

One needs to pay special attention to the details of a figurative painting while he is planning to buy one. Patience is the key. While buying paintings one shouldn’t get too excited instead they should start looking for as many paintings as they can. Moreover, they should further analyses which kind of figurative paintings will suit their space. Does the painting one likes have pubes? Will people be comfortable seeing it? Will the members of the object placing it?

Try to find a painting which fulfils your desire to have a bold figurative painting but is also appropriate in the eyes of others who will visit that space.

However, if one is not able to find a mid-way, he can always opt for his favorite figurative and can adorn the walls of his bedroom with it.

  • Go for a wall art gallery-

Bedroom or other personal spaces are said to be the ideal places for hanging a bare figurative art. However, if still one wants to place these paintings in the spaces where guests often sit, like, a living room etc. then he should opt for a wall art gallery. If one is staying in a rented apartment with a bunch of your friends then he can place it solely or alongwith some other figurative painting to make a gallery wall. However, if one lives in a family where people of all age group live and visit then one can tactfully place a small wall art in between the wall arts of other genres.

This way one will be able to include the figurative paintings smartly as they will not catch the gaze of people quickly while one would be able to fulfil their desire of accommodating representational art in their spaces.

  • Look for abstract artworks in this genre-

It is quite evident that instead of bare figurative paintings being a highly exquisite piece of work, they still are not able to find much buyers because some people consider it indecent. Hence, if one wants to accomplish his wish of adorning the space he stays or works in with this art form then he should opt for alluring figurative paintings which are made using the techniques of figurative paintings.

By placing an abstract figurative painting, one can easily trick the viewer into getting lost in the amalgam of colors and abstractionism while deep inside you and every other art lover would know that they are a nude figurative painting.

  • Select from the range of sculptures –

One can select sculptures whether bare or non-bare. Until and unless the sculpture is really large in size, it would not be able to garner the immediate attention of any visitor. Hence, one can opt for sculptures as well.