How to Judge the Quality of a Sofa

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Looking out for a good quality sofa? What is your idea of testing the quality of a sofa? Confused? Don’t worry; we will help you find the best quality sofa at affordable price by improving your knowledge about the furniture. Have a close look at the points you need to focus on while selecting the new sofa for your home. Keep reading!

Check out the frame

  • The durability of a sofa depends on how strong is the frame. You would find the best frame made of kiln-dried hardwood. The drying process removes moisture from the wood allowing it to keep its shape and stability intact.
  • If you want to confirm the frame you chose is of superior quality, pay attention to its joints. They should be glued, screwed and dowelled. By adding reinforcing blocks, the corners are made stronger for extra support.
  • Do not go for particleboard and plywood frame as they are inferior in quality, especially the ones joined with staples. However, if you do, ensure it is layered with a minimum of 11-13 layers of plywood for improved strength.

Seating support

The seating support for your sofa is another important factor to test for its quality. In case you a sofa attractive among the cheap sofas online, contact the dealer directly ensuring its seating support and other essential factors.

  • Your sofa seat shouldn’t be prone to sagging instead must offer good support in the back.
  • Look for the eight-way hand tied springs system as it is best among the supporting systems. Each spring is connected to the adjacent one using a strong twine.
  • Another method to examine the seating support is looking for a sinuous spring construction. Sinuous springs run from the front towards the back of the seat. These springs have the support of additional wire, crossing from one side to another. This is a characteristic of strong seat and when combined with a sleeker style and smaller frame, becomes the most preferred sofa style.
  • The third factor coming under seating comfort is web suspension, in which the webbing bands cross the back and seat. The bands are further attached to frame making a suitable platform for the cushions. Webbing can be done using man-made fibers or natural fibers and when used alone, doesn’t form a strong support. In good-quality sofas, this is used combined with a tensioner to fasten the webbing to the frame. Web suspension is among the least preferred options for seating support.

Cushion Framing

Now that you know about the importance of seating comfort and frame for a sofa, let us come to the cushion filling part.

  • The most used material for cushion filling is high-density polyurethane. Remember, the higher the density the more comfortable is your cushion. You can have foam wrapped around cotton as cushion filling. If you are thinking of Dacron-wrapped foam, drop the idea because it won’t last longer.
  • Ensure you are provided hig0density foam to avoid breaking of the filling as in lesser quality foam. It could result in sags and the fabric won’t stay tight when this happens.
  • If you are looking for a very soft seat, go for down cushions. These are today the premium choice of the population and this demand has made it the most expensive type of sofa cushions. On choosing high-quality cushions, you have the down-proof ticking feature under the upholstery to restrict the feathers from falling out. These kinds of cushions are considered high-maintenance which needs daily care and attention.

Hopefully, you know the tricks to check your sofa quality and now you can know the best sofas to buy.

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