How to know you have the right ERP partner?

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ERP is an enterprise-ready software that is famed for its robust features and functionalities. It is a software that helps you streamline all business functions with utmost ease and perfection. Do you want to monitor sales, finance, admin, or any other business functions? It helps you manage and track every sale cycle and reduce any ongoing challenges that your business might be confronting now and then.

Having the right implementation partner brings great value to the success of your project. Here are the top signs that will help you determine if you have chosen the right erp software India partner.

Industry Knowledge

The first and foremost thing you should take into account is the industry knowledge of that particular consultant. It pays if the partner has sound expertise in your industry vertical. Whether you are in pharma, manufacturing. logistics, retail, pharma, packaging or any other business,  you can be assured that you will get concrete response and solution from the industry experts.

Possess intensive knowledge in ERP

Ensure the partner has extensive expertise in ERP and able to answer industry specific questions. He is able to answer industry-specific queries and stands ready to help you at any point of time.

A robust support

Check the level of support your partner is ready to provide you with. Ensure your partner is ready to help you at the time of any eventuality, system breakdown and always come with the concrete solution no matter what. Your vendor comprehends your demand to perfection and so they must come up first for the solution and the level of support you need.

You still feel like the best customer

Time passes by but you still feel you are the most valued customer and number one priority for your vendor. You could still enjoy that warmth and compassion while working with them. You are guaranteed the quickest customer service or support at any point of time with no further delays or unwanted charges. It’s when you can confide in an ERP partner and can assume you have partnered with the right ERP consultants.

Your vendor understands your comprehensive business requirements

Every business is unique and so are the requirements. The ERP partner must be ready to listen to your business requirements so that they can propose the right solution. Having a partner on board who can understand your requirements and can help you with customizing the unique add-ons that can fit best for your business requirements can make all the difference. So, before zeroing in a partner you can look for their expertise and the level of passion they have for an ERP software.

Check for the level of partnership they enjoy

Before you select one, make sure the level of partnership with the particular software you are interested in. If they are a premium partner well and good. If they are a Gold partner, then it just what you can go by it. The Gold level partners are generally good and you can confide in them for your ERP migration, implementation, support, or any other ERP services.

All these points above will help you find the best ERP partner. Further, you can check the level of work they have done, successful implementation count, check their success stories, website and meet them personally for a one-on-one meeting.

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