Management University in Meerut

Management University in Meerut

A degree in management is something that the millennials aspire, especially when it is earned from the top business schools. While most management graduates are hired as employees in companies, several prefer to become entrepreneurs and start their own ventures. Whether they work for others or become their own masters, the management degree helps them become better employees as they can apply their conceptual, technical and interpersonal skills. While the means to seek admission to reputed B-schools are tough and cumbersome, the ends that bring in monetary benefit in the form of huge earnings, as well as non-monetary benefit that manifest as social status and pride.

The two year rigour brings with it challenges with respect to work pressure and time management, wherein students must master ways and means to tackle class assignments, case discussions and examinations, all of which are ways to train future managers to think strategically, prioritize goals, and work in teams to achieve goals. Students also participate in fest and competitions both within and across B-schools are trained to apply latest management principles and techniques so that they can deal with problems and challenges that organizations experience.

Most B-schools offer general management program in the first year and specialised courses pertaining to marketing, human resource, finance, information technologies, international business, operations in the second year; thus making students highly versatile and enabling them to look at both problems as well as opportunities more holistically.

Courses in management are undertaken by people, with and without work experience, and a student who pursues a management degree has the option of pursuing a career across several fields and would be able to rise ladder very fast. One of the popular specializations is marketing, with electives spanning across sales & distribution, consumer behaviour, B2B marketing, services marketing, brand management, customer relationship marketing, digital marketing, integrated marketing communication etc.

In the complex and dynamic environment that organizations experience today, marketers can no longer have a laid back attitude with respect to their objectives and strategies. For a firm to survive, complete and grow, it is essential that marketers identify customer needs and wants, and provide product offerings more effectively and efficiently than other competitors. A comprehensive yet meticulous knowledge of consumers and their consumption behaviour is essential for a firm to succeed.

Marketers today, focus on the study of consumer behaviour in an attempt to understand, predict and control consumer behaviour. The study of consumer behaviour helps marketers analyse and understand as to how consumer thinks, feel and choose among goods and service categories or brands and how they are influenced by physiological and sociological factors as well as the environment, when it comes to the decision making process.

All this and many more things pertaining to Consumer Behaviour and other relevant aspects can be learnt by doing MBA from IIMT University. The course curriculum is designed in such a manner that holistic education can be provided to the upcoming professionals who will become leaders. With state of the art infrastructure, well qualified and experienced faculties, industrial visits, internships, guest lectures, case studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities – MBA program at IIMT University stands apart from its competitors and is committed to groom and provide a platform to its students so that they can be the best in the industry. The vision of IIMT University is to support and help the students so that after two years they are able to take the competitive market in their stride and is regarded as the best management university in Meerut.


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