Nainital – where serenity meets adventure


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Located at a height of 2,075 meters above sea level, this is one of the most popular hill stations in the northern state of Uttarakhand.  The town is situated along the foothills of the Kumaon region at outer Himalayas. This town is famous for its large number natural attractions as well as its adventure activities. Nainital is where serenity and adventure collide together. From the best hotels in Nainital to the best lakes, the town has a lot to offer to the tourist.


Naini Lake – Known popularly as the Naini Lake, this extremely beautiful lake is located in the middle of the town and serves the lifeline of the town. Boating facilities here are available for the tourists and alternatively a stroll around this lake offers a serene relaxation.

Naina Peak – Also called Cheena or sometimes the China Peak by its locals, the Naina Peak here is the highest peak. It is situated at an average height of 2,815 meters above the sea level and the peak is a famous trekking spot in the town. The place is known to offer one of the most panoramic views of the valley and of Nainital near the Naini Lake.

Tiffin Top – Located at Aryapatta Hills at an average height of 2282 meters above the sea level, the Tiffin Top is a very famous view point, which offers some of the most superlative views of the Himalayas and of course, of Nainital. This place is named after a famous English painter called Dorothy Kellet, who would sit at this very spot for hours and paint. The place is also called Dorothy’s seat.


Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

One of the very few high altitude sanctuaries in the country, the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is found at an average height of 2000 meters the above sea level. This sanctuary is home to over 250 different species of birds that are both resident and migratory. The sanctuary is situated at a picturesque village known as Pangot.


Nainital, being a hill station, quite obviously offers the tourist a lot many options for adventure amidst the beauty of nature. In Nainital if you want to trek, some of the best trails include the Betalghat Trek, Snow View Trek, Binayak Trek, Kainchi Trek and Kilbury Trek. Also, the trek that goes to the Naina Peak is also a famous one among trek lovers.
Boating & Yachting.

The very beautiful Naini Lake, that is a centrally located manmade lake here, gives the visitors good opportunities for indulging in yachting and boating. Naini Lake is a lunar shaped one. And it is one of the four best lakes found in the Kumaon hills. When you go for yachting or boating, the brilliant views of the enveloping mountain peaks will take your breath away.

Nainital, apart from nature, has also several superb manmade places to put up at. You can stay at the best resort in Nainital if you are looking forward to a luxury stay amidst the lakes and the mountain peaks.

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