Important Things to Keep in Mind for Your NATA Entrance Exam Preparation

NATA is a critical exam for those who want to build a career in architecture. The post gives tips on how to prepare well for the NATA exam.

Cracking NATA is an important milestone for students who aspire to become architects. It is a mix of online and pen-based entrance exam to measure the aptitude level of the applicant. Drawing, critical thinking ability, observation skills and aesthetic sensitivity of an individual are assessed in NATA examination. Securing a good rank in NATA isn’t easy as many students are nowadays interested in studying architecture. If you want to clear the test, it makes sense to take NATA coaching. There are several centers for NATA coaching in Delhi and other cities, who are helping students pass the test with flying colours.

In addition to enrolling in NATA coaching classes in Delhi or your city, it is also essential to prepare the exam on your own. Let’s look at some of the tips that can help students in preparing well for the NATA entrance test.

Know Syllabus Thoroughly

Needless to say, knowing your syllabus thoroughly will help in preparing for the NATA exam. This way, you will have a good knowledge of different aspects of exam such as the questions that were asked in most of the previous exams, the number of questions an aspirant has to attend and the pattern of the paper. When you know the syllabus, it gets easy to divide it into parts and concentrate on the sections that you think need more effort from your end.

Attempt Previous Question Papers of Previous Years

Attempting previous years’ question papers not only help you test the waters, but you also get an idea of how to finish the paper within the given time frame. When you solve previous test papers, you understand the pattern better and feel more confident about facing the real exam. You will also get a better idea of the sections where you need to concentrate more.

Take Mock Tests

In addition to solving previous years papers, it is essential that you attempt mock tests. This way, you will practice on different topics, and cover the entire syllabus. Most of the NATA coaching centers give several mock tests to students to help them prepare better for the exam.

Revise, Revise, and Revise

Revising the syllabus helps in understanding and remembering different concepts. In addition to this, it is essential that you practice drawing and sketching regularly as these are two other essential aspects of the NATA exam.

Have a Routine in Place

Creating a routine allows you to cover the syllabus on time. The easiest way to establish a routine is by breaking the syllabus into sections and deciding the number of hours you will be dedicating to every section. It will help you in studying with ease, and you will not panic at the last moment.

Final Words

Architecture demands a lot of creativity. So, along with syllabus, work on enhancing your creative skills. Early planning and preparation are the keys to cracking NATA exam. When you have already covered the entire syllabus and revised it a couple of times, you will be more confident about clearing the exam. Work hard and plan well, and we are sure you will secure a good rank in the NATA test.


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