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The OGWhatsApp is the best third-party messaging service which provides you with all the features of WhatsApp. It comes with its cool and unique features. You can use two phone numbers at the same time using OGWhatsApp. This app is very much easy to install for the users than it seems.

You have to back up all your WhatsApp chat to your device or cloud. Then try to install OGWhatsApp via 9app on your phone.  The data backed up can be restored after the setup is complete and you can resume where you left WhatsApp. If you want to keep your original WhatsApp intact and want to install OGWhatsApp as second WhatsApp application, you can also do this.

You can install it side by side with the regular WhatsApp messenger. It gives you the option to add up to 3 applications in your device simultaneously. With it, you can two versions of WhatsApp i.e., OGwhatsapp and WhatsApp plus, that are two other popular versions of the WhatsApp service. There are certain tweaks which make this app certainly better than the regular WhatsApp application.

Some features of OGWhatsapp:

Use two applications simultaneously – You can use two applications in a single device. Both versions of the apps store data separately in your device.

Increase status size – You can increase the number of texts in your status. Thus giving you more freedom to express yourself.

Multiple themes – Option to change theme is there to look your app beautiful every day. You can choose from the plethora of themes that are available here.

Hide notifications – You can even hide notifications on your device using OGWhatsApp.

Send Audio, Video, Music and much more – With it you can send bigger audio and video files without having to concern about the restriction over file size. You can also send high-quality form vidmate download pictures from your gallery up to 50 MB. You can send e-books too using OGWhatsApp.

Hide last seen and online – You can hide your last seen on the app, and online status which allows you to be online anytime without your contacts Knowing.

Hide blue ticks – You can also hide blue ticks and second tick after you have read or received any message. This feature lets your friends not knowing that you have read or received their messages. Thus it gives you more privacy and control over your messages.

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The app is completely safe to use without any risk to damage your phone or your data being threatened. Your messages are secured by the same encryption technology and OGwhatsapp assures you of your data security.

It can receive updates over time from the developers. The app comes with every other feature which gets rolled out to the original WhatsApp application. You don’t have to worry about the newest cool features that WhatsApp adds to it. The features will be made available to OGWhatsApp in very short time.

If you want to use different WhatsApp for different sets of persons you connect then OGWhatsApp is the best available app there. You can download it from here.


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