Oral Health: What should you be careful about? Is Oral Cancer common?

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Have you ever heard about oral cancer? Well, most of the oral cancers emerge in the squamous cells that line the mouth, gums, tongue and lips. These are known as squamous cell carcinomas (cancers). Not all the tumours or growths in the mouth are cancer. But it is important to know that some of these are benign (not cancer), while others can be precancerous, meaning they might turn out to be cancer but are not presently cancer. Even if you are suffering from one then you can check out oral cancer surgery cost in India. It is better to keep things in mind because in advance stages you might have to go through immediate surgery.

Risk Factors

Anything that enhances your chances of getting cancer is known as a risk factor. Many cases of oral cancers are associated with risk factors. Some patients are going to develop oral cancers without any familiar risk factors. The chief risk factors for oral cancer are:

Tobacco use

Many individuals diagnosed with oral cancer make use of tobacco in some form. The longer people use tobacco and the sum they use enhances that risk. The kind of tobacco people use can affect where oral cancer develops. People who make use of chewing tobacco or snuff are more likely to develop cancer of gums, cheek and even lips. Pipe smoking surges the risk for cancer of the lip and soft palate. If you are living with a smoker or working in a smoking aura, it can cause second-hand or passive smoking that also may enhance the risk. 


Many individuals who get diagnosed with oral cancer are heavy or extensive drinkers. They consume more than twenty one alcoholic drinks every week. The combination of tobacco and alcohol is chiefly dangerous. People who drink alcohol and also do smoking are six times more likely to get oral cancer than that of people who do not smoke or drink.

Other risk factors can be like:

  • Gender: About two thirds of individuals diagnosed with oral cancer are males.
  • Age: These cancers are discovered most often in people over forty five.
  • Continued sun exposure, which can head to lip cancer
  • Long-term annoyance caused by ill-fitting dentures
  • head and neck cancer in the past
  • Poor nutrition, mainly a diet low in vegetables and fruits.
  • Immunosuppressive drugs
  • Radiation exposure
  • Lichen planus, an ailment that impacts the cells that line the mouth
  • Chewing quids of betel, a stimulant general in Asia
  • Various types of genetic disorders like Fanconi’s Anaemia or Dyskeratosis even Congenita

Prevention of Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are amidst the most preventable cancers. Some of the manners to minimize your risk of developing oral cancer are like:

  • Ignore tobacco in all forms.
  • Visit a dentist at least once every year for a proper oral examination. 
  • Drink alcohol only in control.
  • In case you have dentures, remove them at night and clean them regularly. Get them examined by a dentist at least every five years.
  • Limit sun exposure; wear a lip balm along with sunscreen and a hat with a brim.
  • Eat a well-versed, healthy diet along with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Since the early diagnosis gives you the finest chance of successful treatment, there are doctors who provide you specialised setup for diagnosis, nursing and treatment of precancerous lesions. You know what new optical techniques, less-invasive options to biopsy, could help find a few oral cancers earlier. The point is that you have to reach out to the doctor and talk about your oral health. You cannot avoid it. Often people leave the condition neglected unless it takes up a graver form. Make sure that you are taking steps before the condition gets out of your control. If you are afraid that the oral cancer surgery cost in India is really high then that is your myth only. You need to talk to oral cancer specialists and you would get the treatment done in the best manner and minimum possible expenditure.


Thus, you should not neglect your oral health. You have no idea how many people lose their lives every year because of this cancer. And since you can avoid the risks you should take precautions.


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