Popular android applications that one must know

Popular android applications that one must know

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The smartphone users can keep in touch with a number of fields and features due to the availability of various apps on the device. The Android is known as the most used operating system that can help one get a number of tasks completed, and hence, with the use of smartphone, many tasks have been easier for the users than before.

With the advanced technology the applications, their creations, and their usage are something which is the most observable. There are many useful applications available which come to use when you need the most. Here are some of the applications which are most trending in the present era:

  • GoodLook:

This application can give you an incredible feel as this can be used as a virtual adviser who can guide you to make your life a little voguish. Here you can find many pieces of advice and can also sign in with the help of Facebook ID or Google ID. The app offers clues and tips to improve one’s style with the help of images loaded on this platform.

  • Clap! Phone Finder:

This is one of the best applications that can come to the rescue at the time when you need the most. There are times when you end up putting your phone on the silent mode or to the mute mode. If at that time you lose the phone then this can be way difficult to search your phone back. This is why clap finder is the betas thing that can help you get your phone back just with a clap irrespective of the fact whether your phone is one sound or in mute mode. For those who leave the phone device anywhere, this is the perfect app to go for.

  • KeyMe:

This is one of the applications where the user can effectively store keys by scanning it and at the time when the user ends up losing the key, this app can be of great help to get a new one. Those who either forget the keys or just not good at handling them; this is the right app to go for as it can save the image and make it easy to get the keys replaced.

  • My Script calculator:

This is a calculator that works with the handwriting and all one needs to do is to compose numerical expressions. The application is easy and effortless to use.

  • Waze:

This is something that helps to overcome the ultimate traffic in the route and has a practical usage.

App stores are the newest forms of sensation, and it won’t be wrong that the applications are the ones which are the core of the smartphones. Modern smartphones can perform an infinite number of tasks just with the use of applications. Go for the 9apps install download to make sure that you can get all the above-listed applications on your phone. Here you can easily download the application and can also end up saving space in the device.


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