Role of Supply Chain Management in retail

supply chain management

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Globalization has impacted the retail industries severely as now they are facing competition from around the world. For acquiring the customers, every retailer is trying its best to improve the operations with cost-effective products but not compromising on the quality of the products. Through Supply Chain Management, the retailers can operate the whole process efficiently and in real-time.

The buyers are putting a lot of pressure on the retailers while delivering the products. As per the Zebra’s Shopper Vision Study, 66% of the buyers prefer the following day or next day delivery, and 27% of the buyers aren’t ready to pay extra for the prompt shipping. Retailers, on the other hand, need to focus more on business growth and not only low-cost delivery prices. Supply chain management can be strategic and might provide the retailer with ample opportunity to perform brilliantly in the race of the best. 

Read the whole blog till the end to know about the retail supply chain management. 

What is Retail Supply Chain Management all about?

The entire process you go through, to ensure that the right products reach out to the customers on time or before the expected time. It confines to everything from the raw material to handling the inbound materials and production processes to delivery of the products to the customer, is known as the Retail Supply Chain. To improve the processes with sufficient speed and efficiency, then it is known as Retail Supply Chain Management. 

The effort goes into delivering the products to the customers on time or before the scheduled time. But make sure that you don’t pay a considerable amount for it. You need to make sure you upgrade the whole process to be well organized and cost-efficient. 

What are the perks of using Retail Supply Chain Management Software?

The factors which differentiate between the retail supply chain management with the other supply chain management is through the volume of product and the fast dispatch nature of the products. The supervision of the retail products needs to be done strictly and minutely because the products are always moving, but the cycle timing is low. As per the Zebra’s Shopper Vision Study, around 53% brick and mortar, as well as 51% online consumers, are not happy with the returns/exchange procedure. 


  • Economic Retail Supply Chain 


Already, it has been discussed that the retail supply chain management focuses on delivering the product on- time to the customers as well as in a cost-effective way. Going through the entire process might aid you in certain areas where you can reduce the costs. Some of them improvise on your storage strategy, fixing the supplier relationships, supervise the customer demand patterns, and dispatching the supplies faster. 


  • Earn competitive benefits 


Thus, making the whole process of supply chain management cost-efficient,has not only helped you in your business to gain profit but also helped you in satisfying the customer’s needs. If you provide multiple delivery options as well as a reasonable shipping price tag than your competitors. You will eventually earn competitive benefits which will help you to get profitable gain on your business.Your customer will appreciate it when you will be successful in delivering the right product on time or before the expected time. 

[How] Technology can help you in achieving your goal


  • Enhancing the storage space 


If you ever check on your warehouse to ensure how you are utilizing your storage space, then to your surprise, you might find out that you are paying for excess  space as well as for the staff to look out for the inventory items. 

You might also realize that your warehouse may not be well-planned as per the items to be stored. The long-time is taken for inbound as well as outbound process is huge, and it is hard to supervise. 

An adequate storage strategy might help you to optimize your storage space as well as in a cost-effective manner. Automation and proper process consultation, are the two ways through which you might enhance your profitability as well as productivity in the right direction. 

The automated warehouse management allows the users to access the data of the supply chain from anywhere. It helps sellers to collaborate with real-time tracking and collaboration with other departments. The systematic layouts might help the sellers with a mix transition from easy to complex . And through the technology-oriented operations, you can cut down the manual errors as well as huge charges. 


  • Sell on multiple channels


You need to opt for those channels which align with your budget. It might also help you in achieving your target like gaining profit, reaching out to the far extent, and of course, delivering in a limited time to the doorsteps of your customers. 

Make sure you choose certain suppliers who can compete with the price and use all of them to cut out the delays in receiving the products accurately on time. Sometimes dealing with the enumerable channels at the same time not only will profit your business but also ensure you with the best product quality and less delivery time. It will eventually lower your return cost, which will be fruitful for your business.  


  • On-time Replenishment


If you get successful in speeding up the shipments from the suppliers, then you can order the stocks just before it gets empty. Ordering beforehand isn’t the best choice as it will increase the cost of the warehouse, as well as excess inventory, might get damaged or lost. Try to cut short the time duration from where you receive them to where you need them. 

The best way to achieve this is either by optimizing the program or by upgrading the existing software for large business holders. Enhancing the process might reduce the cost of after order replenishments. 


If you are successful in organizing  the supply chain management process efficiently , then you can operate the entire process  more productively. Try to go for fast order processing to save your money. You can go through the procedures like enhancing the order fulfillment, supervise the multiple suppliers, managing the Dropship ment management, and much more. 

You have to go through the present scenario of the operations of the retail business and try to find out the loopholes to make optimization. Unicommerce is regarded as a leader in the supply chain management which eases your e-commerce as well as retail business operations. Through the single dashboard, you are able to manage as well as supervise the order processes. It provides cloud-based ERP with your company’s software. To know more about the software which we provide and how it might ease your e-commerce business and make an appointment today.

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