Technology and Anticipations: The Laptop

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Ahh, the web is a lovely thing. If the net was down for half a day I ‘d maintain a world of hurt. I depend on it. Why? I am able to visit any computer that’s online and have everything I need to crank out work (thanks to writely, gmail,, basecamp and other internet-based programs).

But this is’t always the most productive environment for working. The finest place to work is still an office of some kind, as much as we hate to acknowledge it. You need a central office space where you’ll be able to call your work “home” although it is nice to potentially be 100% mobile with our work, so that you can be genuinely productive. Laptops totally go against this mindset.

Fly Like An Eagle

Literally. No longer do we have the chains of restraints of where we do our computing. We do if we do’t desire to ’t even must work at set hours,! But notebooks in all their agile magnificence have some drawbacks when it comes to produAnticipationsctivity. The principal one being the very reason why most people use one: It’s not a device that is centrally located.

Accurate productivity means that we are in a location where we’re comfy because we’ve become accustomed to it. We’re also more apt to be productive in an office space because we have all the tools that are be needed. (This likely is’t accurate in a busy coffee shop.) But really, the most beneficial reason behind an office is this: The Mindset which is included with it. Check Out Best Laptop Under Your budget

A Mindset For Every Place

Mindsets are associated by most folks with locations. While I go into a bedroom, I sleep. I eat, after I go into a kitchen. Once I go to some bathroom, I …. brush my teeth. We’ve trained ourselves to think about it. The thought behind a “work space” is that you take on a work- mindset there as well, because that’s what you do while in that space. Yet like the cell phone and email, the principal difficulty with productivity is using exactly the same tool for work and play; the blurring of borders. With a laptop, the same theory is true: you never have an opportunity to build those edges when you’re always moving to different “work” places.

The Expectations

And not only are you potentially less productive with a laptop, you also take on a completely new set of expectations that go with it because of it’s portability. You are expected to use it because you can take the machine anywhere.

Uh oh.

Now managers can expect you do more work at home, and to read their e-mails. Customers can expect one to correspond with them on holiday. While it is still justified by some individuals because they not at work, they not deceiving anybody. Work is’t a place. With the laptop, it is possible to potentially be expected to “work” everywhere.

Expectations may also be increased when an employee is given a laptop. New supervisors at Kichler generally request one, says Sink. “Three weeks after, they wish they never had,” he says. “The expectation changes [to], ‘ so I’m going to anticipate more, OK, you can take work home with you.’”

There’s an article at ComputerWorld on this issue of productivity that is laptop that demonstrates this point.

And here’s the kicker:

While Kichler workers are spending more time working on their laptops, they did’t merely begin working those extra hours. “They were taking more stuff home to start with,” Sink says.


So how do we dissolve these crazy expectations? We’ve got to set boundaries. Attempt only using your laptop for work in particular places. This will help with your ability to remain productive and focused. My hat goes off to you personally, if you can develop a mindset for working regardless of the scenario. Those of us with shorter attention spans might have a harder time.

The more connected we all become with technology, the less time there is for the individual. Time away from everyone else is an important thing when it comes to productivity. It enables you to re align and re focus your day and program. It lets you unwind and recharge.

[I’ve found that tracking my time makes me very conscious of how much I’m really getting done. I use SlimTimer to track with Bubbles to run on my desktop. Up to now, I’ve raised my productivity quite a bit simply because I’ve been aware of how I spend my time.]

Notebooks are a technology that is great. The convenience that comes with those suckers is amazing. Laptops can also be very helpful in changing places, notably to break free from everyone and mixing your day-to-day drudgery up. But we have to be careful never to take the mindset that we can work anyplace” without making some edges that are tough about where you’re planning on getting things done and creating a central workplace.


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