The Art of Buying the Right Frame

So, you visited several paintings gallery and fell in love with a particular artwork at the first glance. You were on cloud nine thinking about how good it will look on the walls of your space but that happiness was short-lived. You realized in a while that the painting which you have fallen head over heels in love with is actually unframed.

You, being a new art enthusiast, are skeptical of buying the same painting now because you are not well-versed with the dos and don’ts of buying a frame for any kind of painting.

Clearly, framing an artwork correctly is as essential as the setting done for a diamond in order to add to its beauty and protection. Not only does framing serves as an upgrade to the look and life of the painting but also contributes in prolonging the durability and sheen of it.

Well! If you are thinking of dropping your idea of buying that painting, think again because after reading this article you will have a basic understanding of the art of choosing the right frame. So, keep reading line-to-line and pave your way to become a framing master for all the artworks that you want to adorn your house with.

  • Different artworks, different frames-. The frame selection is really subjective in nature. Every painting has different colors like the warm or cool toned and materials like a canvas or a mount board sheet etc. Therefore, there is no thumb rule for buying the best frame. One needs to see if the existing décor of their space is modern or traditional and then choose the frame accordingly. Another thing to keep in mind is the painting itself. Depending on the level of detailing on the painting, a suitable frame must be decided. For instance, if it is deeply textured then going with a simple frame would be the best option. Furthermore, if the color of your wall is dark then the frame should have a light color while keeping in mind the colors in the paintings and vice versa.
  • Matting- The basic purpose which matting serves is separating the painting from the rest of its surroundings. It raises the prominence of the painting in the space where it has been hanged. The biggest mistake that most of the art lovers do while framing is choosing the color according to the color of the walls. This destroys the painting and all the effort that they placed in choosing the frame. Understand that the painting, matting and the frame has nothing to do with the existing color scheme of your space. Do not attempt to make it blend with that completely. Preferably, one should choose the matting color according to the color scheme of the painting. The mat shouldn’t be darker than the paintings darkest color, brighter than the brightest color or a completely extraneous color. If all of this sound like too much work to you, there’s always an option of ivory.
  • Choosing a framer- Clearly, you are an art lover who loves adorning the masterpieces and no matter how strong your love for art is, you cannot frame the painting on your own. You definitely will need a framer to get that unframed beauty framed. So, while choosing a framer, take recommendations from fellow art lovers. If you are not acquainted with any, then seek the help from correlated paintings gallery They have been in the art industry since a long time and will definitely suggest you some good framers around the city.
  • Harmony- It is the color co-ordination that should be given special consideration as well. If the frame is perfect and the painting is beautiful but aren’t going well with each other’s color scheme, the frame is vain. The frame should not distract the viewers from enjoying its magnificence.

Apart from this, one should also not let the painting touch the glass. Additionally, the glass with UV filter should be preferred as it will protect the painting from the harmful sunrays.

If now, after visiting paintings gallery, you ever get your eyes stuck on an unframed painting, we hope your happiness won’t drain in a jiffy because now you have a basic know-how of the art of framing. So, buy an unframed painting from any of the paintings gallery, confidently.