The Greats of Indian Art world

Indian Art for Sale

The art world has seen some exceptional people turning into famous artists across the globe.

Be it the Dutch painters who promoted Landscape form of art to the world or the American artists who laid the foundation for the concept of pop art, artistry and artisans have emerged from every corner of the world.

Ever witnessed the sign saying ‘Indian art for sale’ and felt lost because you don’t know any of the Indian artists as such?

India, the largest democracy in the world had the exposure to diverse art forms from centuries. However, due to constant foreign rule, the art was only confined and chained to the shackles of colonial rule.

Therefore, when India got its independence in the year 1947, the artists in the nation decided to form a “Progressive Artist’s Group”.

It was this association of some of the prominent artists of India that empowered art in this beautiful nation.

In this blog, I am going to give a brief about the top esteemed artists of India till date. Let’s begin:

F. N. Souza

Born in 1924, Francis Newton Souza was born in the year 1924, in Goa, India. A member of Progressive Artist’s Group, Souza was popularly known as the ‘Indian Picasso’.

Since the childhood, Souza saw the conflict of beliefs between his strict Christian teachings and the exotic Indian art that he witnessed all around.

His artworks are highly impacted by the western art and are mostly crafted on the theme of the human figure. If you saw an invite of “Indian art for sale”, I am pretty sure, you would find quite a few artists still taking inspiration from his work.

You can witness the sensuous & regal nudes, delicate imitation of mother and child, distorted human bodies and the bloody scenes from the crucifixion of Jesus in his work.


A recipient of Padma Shri Award (The fourth highest civilian honor of India), Syed Haider Raza, is famous for his abstract style of paintings on the colorful canvases with proper geometric alignment.

He moved to the Paris, where his work was applauded as the redolent of the French landscape paintings of the 1950s.

His unique style of creation enables his artwork to stand out of the numerous paintings. Raza was one of the founding members of the ‘Progressive Artist’s Group’.

V.S. Gaitonde

He is the man whose painting is sold for a whopping 30 crores (approximately) making him the most expensive artist of India.

Sadly this all happened after his demise in the year 2001.

Gaitonde was a preeminent abstractionist who was born in Maharashtra and got his diploma from J.J.School of art in the year 1948.

He has been bestowed with the prestigious Padma Shri Award in the year 1971.

Gaitonde was known for utilizing large size canvas on which he marvelously brushes the soothing and controlled colors that showcase the meditative visage and characteristic of his work.

M.F. Husain

Perhaps the most recognized artist of India, Maqbool Fida Husain is known for the love and fame he got from every corner of the world.

Starting from the year 1950, when his first art exhibition was held to the time when his paintings were shown in the Zurich and Prague, Husain resumed being a brave artist who fearlessly reflected what he thought on the canvas.

He took inspiration from the international artists. Still, a majority of his paintings would pour a hint of Indian culture in them.  For his amazing work, he was honored with the prestigious Padma Bhushan Award.