The Important Requirements to be the donor for Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant

Organ transplant procedure is a very stressful procedure. In this case, a person with a malfunctioned organ gets a properly working organ from the donor. But there are various aspects which should be kept in mind before starting the procedure. Every person is different and so their blood type. That is why choosing the perfect donor is very important. If the recipient body rejects the organ received then it can cause a life-threatening situation. Therefore, before choosing the donor for liver transplantation procedure the following things are checked which are mandatory for a donor.

  • The age of the Donor: The age of the donor should be at least 18 and is capable of making their own decision. The hospitals of Liver Transplant in india do not allow organ from a person who is not an adult or cannot make their own decision.
  • Smoker or Non-smoker: Smoking cigarettes can cause various health disorders including fatal respiratory diseases, blood clots in veins and also attacks blood vascular system. So a person who smokes a lot cannot be a potential donor for liver transplant. The desired donor should be devoid of the habit of smoking.
  • Drug Addict: The donor must not be addicted to any kind of drug which includes marijuana. Drugs also include medicines such as painkillers. People who take a lot of painkillers experience a severe pain after the operation. The donor may go through a lot of drug screening procedures before the surgery.
  • Previous Health Disorder: The donor should not have any previous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure (which needs to be treated with medicine), kidney disorders, heart problems, peripheral vascular disorder, any history of cancer, impaired lungs, infections like HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C etc. Person with any of these diseases is not considered to be healthy and the donor must be healthy. Otherwise, it may create problems during or after the surgery.
  • Over Weight: Overweight or obesity is the reason for various health disorders. People with BMI or body mass index of more than 30 are considered to be obese. They are not considered to be the perfect donor and in some cases, they are asked to lose weight.
  • Mental Disorder: The donor must be capable of taking their own decision. A person with mental illness cannot take their own decision properly and may have a psychiatric attack at times which is very dangerous for any surgery to undergo. Also, people who were diagnosed previously with mental illness are not allowed to undergo the surgery.

These are the main criteria that should be followed in case of living donor. There is another type of donor called deceased donor. When a perfect living donor cannot be arranged in the allotted time for surgery, doctors go for the deceased donor. A deceased donor is someone who has undergone brain death but his or her heart is still beating. In this case, the doctors take the consent of the family members and do the surgery. In case of a deceased donor, the main thing is the viability of the organ. The organ stays viable approximately 3 hours after death and should be kept at an optimum temperature and situation.