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Startups are becoming strong pillars of Mumbai since a few years now. The talent and skills that the people of Mumbai hold is more than impressive. So much so that the startup ecosystem of Mumbai is on the 3rd rank in India and on the 32nd worldwide. Jobs in Mumbai are also increasing due to this fact.

The government of Mumbai is extremely supportive of the startup culture in the city. There is a great number of co-working spaces in the city, and it also has all types of connectivity. All of these things together make Mumbai an attractive hub for startups. So if you are going to look for a job in Mumbai, do not get disheartened if you do not make it to the top multinational companies present in the city. In fact, try looking for a job in a startup.

Find the list of more than 50K+ Job Vacancies in Mumbai.

A job in Mumbai in a startup will give you the following benefits;

Working in a startup brings in advantages more than one can think of. It is a great way to kick start your career and make a significant impact in the corporate world.

  • Startups give you the opportunity to grow immensely. You should know that with a job in Mumbai in a startup, you can have an end number of opportunities to learn something new. You grow with the experience you get by working in a startup. Moreover, you face new challenges each day, which helps you sharpen your skills and abilities.
  • Your pocket is filled with diverse responsibilities. You inculcate transferable skills that will be relevant across various roles in various industries. It is not the salary that should count, but the opportunities to learn. For instance, a job in Mumbai in a multinational company might give you a good amount of salary. But chances are that you might end up having a pigeonholed job position in just one of the departments. It will hamper your professional growth.
  • The startup culture offers you more flexibility as compared to big companies. One of the most needed things for an employee is to have the freedom and flexibility to work according to their own schedule.

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Some of the top startups in Mumbai are;

  • OlaCabs: A startup that is a common name in almost every household nowadays. Ola provides different types of cars on a rental basis.
  • Lurnq: It is an online learning platform that is specifically designed for learners and teachers.
  • Wishberry: It is a unique and magnificent startup that encourages people to work towards their creative ambitions. The startup leverages crowdfunding to inspire creative minds to not stop exhibiting their talent related to music, art, fashion, food, etc.
  • Cleartrip: A startup that aims at providing a comprehensive way of traveling for its users.
  • Toppr: Almost every student comes across a phase when they need to prepare themselves for clearing an exam. Toppr is an online platform that helps students prepare for various types of exams like JEE. It offers assessment and practice packages for various kinds of entrance exams.

The startup culture is here to stay. And if you choose a job in Mumbai in a startup, you can have numerous learning opportunities. The decision is yours, so make it wisely. After all, not every job is just about the money that you earn. There is a lot more than you can benefit from a job.

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