Things to Be Covered in Your Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

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Most people think medical expenses are the only things covered under domestic travel insurance plans, and medical emergencies seem like a rare probability, especially when one is planning a pleasure trip. However, domestic travel plans cover much more than just medical expenses. The various things that are covered under these plans make them an inescapable part of one’s travel plans. It is also essential to choose a travel plan that adheres to all the basic necessities of your travel. The things that must be covered in one’s domestic travel policy are listed below:

  1. Medical Expenses: Medical expenses are the primary things that should be covered by one’s travel insurance. Medical emergencies are something that can never be predicted beforehand. Anything from a small injury like a broken leg to a significant injury like an accident should be covered under the insurance’s domestic travel cover.
  2. Cancellation of Trips: The second most important thing that should be considered when you buy insurance for domestic travel, is whether the plan covers your expenses in case you cancel a trip. One can always fall sick just before their journey starts, and a domestic travel insurance helps pay for the unexpected cancellation charges. There are other factors that contribute towards cancellation of trips too, like family emergencies, professional appointments, etc. which are also covered by a domestic travel insurance.
  3. Credit/Debit Card Fraud: Theft and fraud are things we rarely consider while making our domestic travel plans. However, these are events that are quite likely to occur when we are travelling. It should be ensured that the insurance covers for credit card and debit card frauds by blocking them through a single phone call. This ensures a safe travel for the buyer.
  4. Theft of Important Documents:  We are almost always required to carry important documents while we travel because of identification purposes. These documents range from Aadhar cards, voter id cards, PAN cards, or even driving licenses. While travelling in a new place they are risky to carry because we can lose them. However, due to their necessity, while travelling, we must choose a plan that covers the replacement costs of these documents.
  5. Hotel Assistance: Hotels are something we consider first while making domestic travel plans, and yet, it is quite probable for these plans to go wrong. There can be a miss booking, or the hotel we booked online might be of lower standards than what we expected. This can result in us being stranded in an unfamiliar place at inconvenient times. We should make sure that our domestic travel insurance plan covers hotel assistance.
  6. Car Assistance: While choosing a travel insurance within India it is likely that we ignore the probability of being stranded in a road because of the ready availability of public transport in most tourist destinations. However, it is quite likely that our car breaks down or goes out of fuel at a time and place in which we cannot avail public transport. This is where car assistance facilities play a major role. There are many insurance companies like Bajaj Finserv that cover car assistance in their pocket insurance plans. The things that covered in car assistance are fuel costs or repair costs while being stranded.

Thus, domestic travel insurance becomes an indispensable part of our travel plans if we wish to have a carefree and relaxed trip. In both recreational and professional trips, we should ensure that the above-mentioned things are covered by our domestic travel insurance plan.

SUMMARY: The article covers things that should be covered by a domestic travel insurance plan. It lists medical expenses, cancellation charges, credit card fraud, theft, hotel assistance, and car assistance as the necessary things that should be covered by a domestic travel insurance plan.

It is a common misconception among the general public that domestic travel insurance is an unnecessary and avoidable expense. We seem to undermine domestic travels as minor and safe, but a domestic insurance policy covers your safety, your possessions and a lot more.


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