Top 5 Birthday Cake Flavours That Are Popular in India

birthday cake flavors India

Birthday celebration is an important event in each one’s life. The ceremony is observed once in a year, and attended by family members, friends, and acquaintances. One of the most important aspects of birthdays is the cutting of the cake. If you have a friend or someone you know, whose birthday is approaching, you can order cakes online to their address and take the person by surprise. Add a greeting card and a box of succulent delicacies to make the event more pleasing and grand.

Today we will introduce you to the best flavours of birthday cakes that people prefer.

  1. Chocolate and Vanilla: With so many different flavours of cakes available, chocolate assumes the top spot as most chosen flavour for birthday cakes in India. Some people like the accents of orange, mint, and strawberry with chocolate, and indulge in richness of fudge and fondant texture. From dark to German chocolate cake, you can choose just about any variety of chocolate cakes for celebrating birthdays. Another flavoured cake for birthdays, is vanilla. It is one of the basic flavours, which can be coupled with cocoa flavour and frosting, filled with fruits.
  1. Red Velvet and Black Forest: The red velvet cake has a deep red colour and the flavour is appetizing. It is smooth and rich, and usually paired with cheese and cream frosting. You can get customized and premium red velvet cake from an online flower shop, and have it delivered to a desired address in India. Another choice is black forest, which has 4 layers consisting of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and cherries. It is frosted with whipped cream and then encrusted with chocolate shavings and cherries for decoration. Both these cake flavours are highly preferred among children and adults.
  1. White Chocolate and Raspberry: Combination flavours are increasingly chosen for birthday cakes. Out of these, soft white chocolate and fruitiness of raspberry are the most preferred. If you are not fond of white chocolate, you can ask the baker to replace it with brown or dark chocolate, whichever works for you. The cake can contain white chocolate strips, shaving, or filling with raspberry jam, cream, or gel. This delicious pairing is ideal, and thus many send cakes online to India, of this flavour on occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings etc.
  1. Caramel and Banana: For children’s birthday, caramel and banana cake is an instant hit. Kids love the combination of banana and caramel flavour, because of the caramelized sugar taste and mushiness of banana. Caramel pudding cakes are also famous. The spongy texture of the cake adds fluffiness to it, and thus easier to bite into and eat. You can sprinkle cherry schnapps and decorate the product with whipped cream. This is a great option for vegetarians as presence of banana replace the need of eggs to prepare the cake.
  1. Carrot and Coconut: The creamy and rich texture of coconut suits birthday cakes. It is appropriate for tropical-themed events as well. This cake is not too sweet or very subtle. If you take a bite of the slice, it shall easily melt in your mouth. Some prefer tender coconut chunks in the cake, thus these can be added along choco-chips. Carrot cakes on the other hand are dense, soft, with a thick consistency, and contain grated carrots with nuts. Coconuts are available abundantly in the Asian subcontinent and this is why you can send cakes to India of coconut flavour, all around the year.

If you are planning to get a cake for a birthday function, then you can consider the above-given flavours. You can the cake shop to mix and match any of these flavours, as per your choice. Now Raksa Bandhan is coming, you can also send cakes with Rakhi to India.


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