Usages Of Custom Metal Stamping Process

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Metals have been used by humans since millennia. They are one of the most revolutionary discoveries of human history. Metals have been used in various shapes, sizes and forms to suit the human requirement. Earlier, forming metal into the desired shape was a very tough task, but with the advancement in industry technology, it is now possible through stamping.

Stamping is the process where flat sheet metal is placed in either blank or coil form in the stamping press where it is formed into the desired shape through a tool and die surface. There are various techniques that could be used to stamp the metal into the desired shape like punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging, etc. The custom metal stamping is the metal forming process that uses custom tooling and techniques to make parts as specified by the customer. It is different from general metal stamping in the sense that it is done through specific techniques to suit customer’s specific desires.

Applications of metal stamping

Metal stamping is a vital process. It has found applications across fields and industries. Metal stamping requires forming and processing base common metals to rare alloys for their specific usages. Electrical or thermal conductivity of beryllium copper is required in fields such as aerospace, electrical and defense industry. Other industries that use the metal stamping process are agriculture, ammunition, major and minor appliances, automotive, commercial, construction, lighting, medical, marine, plumbing, etc. The custom metal stamping has also found applications in many other major and minor industries like small engines and power storage sectors.

Metals stamping can be helpful in cutting an array of metals, for example, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum; ferrous metals(especially iron-based alloy like stainless steel); non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass, zinc; non-standard alloys like beryllium nickel and beryllium copper. Metal stamping makes it easy to cut all these complex metallic structures and produces desired products.

Benefits of metal stamping

Metal stamping has various benefits if one looks closely. It lets you cut complex shapes with precision and accuracy. The process of metal stamping has improved in recent years through technological advancements, even at micro-levels. These new techniques are detailed and sophisticated and can accomplish even the most complex shapes with 100% accuracy.

Metal Stamping is a very cost-effective technology which is why industries prefer its application. It is a fast process that requires less time to finish. It needs fewer machines, fewer labourers, and much less labour time. It lets your overall expenses drop to a great extent. If you are looking to cut pieces for bulk parts, metal stamping is your go-to technology.

Cost of metal stamping services

The cost of metal stamping depends on various factors. The type of metal being stamped, the stamping company, tolls in use, the quantity of metal used are some factors on which the cost of the process depends. The custom metal stamping requires specific tools and techniques which add up to the cost. However, it is much cost-effective and affordable as compared to other options. It is a profitable deal that would give you the desired result

Undoubtedly, metal stamping is the best option for metal cutting and shaping. Therefore, it is advisable that you go for it.

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