Various Benefits from Natural Plant

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A form of Artemisinin is called lactone derived from Artemisia annua plant. Its common name is Sweet Wormwood. It has application in medicinal field for over 2000 Years. It is famous for its application towards the treatment for fevers and malaria. Its modern application is mostly observed in cancer treatment. It is much popular that drugs containing artemisinin is effective for treatment of cancer cells. People may fear of this supplement that this will only fight cancer cells or it will also fight against fresh cells. Artemisinin is also called robust anthelmintic.

It is much famous for treatment of parasitic worms and other internal parasites. It is being applied in the treatment of African sleeping sickness caused due to an infected fly bite and onchocerciasis. If you want to know more about this supplement, you can refer WHO which describes about various benefits of this supplement. It can be used by people who wants t reduce their age, since this has ability to act against old cells.

Its property will be really helpful in the construction of immune system and restorative properties will be very useful in treatment of febrile condition. It will treat malaria infected areas with its short trips. It should be taken before and after being the area is affected. You are recommended to take this supplement in the range of 100 mg to 200 mg per day.

Can Be Used In Both Forms:

It can be applied in either form as in tablet or tincture form. If the malaria affected area is going on developing, then ACT is recommended. It will prevent single ingredient which acts as against to the malaria infection. It’s contained artemisinin component and a partner drug will treat the infection within half life of intake. It is more enough to consume in the range of 1 to 2 capsules to see the effective result. It will be more optimal solution for the treatment of cancer when it is taken before meal times.

In order to see its application’s effectiveness in cancer, it is more recommended to consume in the range of 150 mg per day. It has proved with its anti cancer properties in the experimental studies of hepatocellular carcinoma. It has one component called Artemisinine’s peroxide which is rich in iron concentrations and this ability will protect cancerous cells. It will form free radicals which can act as toxic agent to the invading cells. It will damage and destroy the infected cells. As per the research, drugs containing artemisinin has proved to be effective in the reduction of angiogenesis, a mechanism of formation of new blood cells.

This product will decrease the expression of vascular endothelial growth being produced by cells which increases the rate of Vasculogenesis, a mechanism of supplementing oxygen to tissues when blood circulation is not enough. It has been in traditional use for liver problems, joint pain and appetite loss. It’s contained sedative and anti inflammatory properties will calm down the nerves and muscles. It will be really useful in the insomnia treatment. It will give realizable results in inflammation swelling and pain. It will give better result for Dyspepsia.


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