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First aid kits are great for emergencies, and if you’re going on adventures, it’s very important to have a strong one that works for you.  Here, we are going to talk about what you should keep in your first aid kits in order to spark adventure and excitement and to prevent things from getting worse if you’re out on your own.

Keep it in Something Simple

If you don’t have an easily accessible and portable kit, it’s going to be harder to carry.  You want to get something that will carry the basics and something that you are willing to carry so that you can have it on your own.

Having different ones are good.  If you want to keep a bigger one at home, and a smaller either in the car or in a bag, that works too, since it will help you no matter what.

Keep at least the minimum in there  ‘

If nothing else, you should have bandages, burn cream gauze, tweezers, and ice pack, and also some pain relief medication.  This is pretty important, especially if you want something for minor scrapes and issues.

If working with blood is possible, have gloves in place

Gloves are very important, especially if there is a risk for bloodborne pathogens since you want to make sure that it doesn’t transfer to you as well.  You want to make sure that if you need to have a mask in place too, you have that there too.

Keep First Aid instructions there

Sure, you may be trained in first aid, but that doesn’t mean everyone is.  You should, if possible, get a small brochure that shows what you need to do.  You can get one of those general red cross guides to help you with this.  This is also good if there is a chance another person may not know how to perform first aid and needs assistance. While it isn’t a substitute for training, it’s very important to make sure that you know how to utilize this for success.

Know the Basics

with your kit, you should know the basics of first aid before you begin.  You should know basic first aid to help with lessening the pain, preventing injuries that are serious, or even your own life, you should know how to utilize your kit within various situations, and be prepared to handle medical issues whether big or small.  If nothing else, take your kit, look at every single one of these items, and from there, start to familiarize yourself with this.  Look at what you need to do to appropriately understand this and use it, and from there, start to get familiar with it and make it possible for you to use it effectively.

Always have a Cell Phone

for any boating, car, or other adventures, there is one thing that you need more than anything else, and that’s a cell phone.  It’s important to have this because if there isn’t a way for you to have access to emergency services, you won’t have the ability to help others in an emergency situation. Now, this doesn’t need to be something super fancy or anything, but instead have enough power to turn on, contact t 911, and can be used.  You should use an old cellular device you don’t’ use anymore, and put it in the first aid kit.  There are tons of older cell phones that you can get which will allow you to have this access when the going gets tough.

Always Check for Quality

When it comes to first aid supplies, you should make sure that they are current and up to date. Most of this stuff doesn’t’ expire, but you should, ever time you use something, update it once again with the medical supplies. This is very important because the last thing you want this to be looking for something, only to not have it.  That can put yourself, and the other’s life in danger if that’s not the case. And if you’re using this for adventuring, this is a big mistake that people make. So, make sure that you do take some time to check it occasionally, and don’t be afraid to update this as time goes on. it’s better to be prepared than not prepared.

You never know what may happen out when you’re adventuring. Adventuring is great, and it’s something that people can do in order to have fun, and learn new things. But, if you’re not prepared for this, you’re going to have a lot of issues. The biggest thing to do is to make sure that you have a first aid kit prepared for this and make sure that you take the time necessary to ensure that you have a good idea on what you need to be successful with this.


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